Exhale Well’s HHC Gummies Review: An Overview & Complete Guide

If you’ve been looking for hemp-derived goods that promote relaxation, positive emotions, increased attention, and other advantages, you’ve come across several cannabinoid products. HHC, on the other hand, is the newest cannabinoid to take the HHC market by storm.

The high from eating gummies aren’t as strong as when you smoke marijuana, so they’ve become a good replacement for it. The best HHC gummies are a new challenger for the greatest edible candy in the hemp market, and consumers gravitate toward them because of their gentler effects than delta-9 THC.

It is a naturally present, hydrogenated form of THC that occurs in the seeds and pollen of hemp and cannabis plants, not in marijuana. Clean manufacturing processes are used to extract HHC. As a result, companies can develop highly effective goods compliant with the federal food law throughout the United States.

Numerous firms are producing Hydro HHC gummies on the market right now, but you should only choose the best. Exhale is the brand that has already established its worth in the delta 8 and CBD products and has now expanded into the HHC sector.

Well, this was just a brief about the company, and in the following Exhale’s HHC gummies review, we’ll provide an in-depth look at a single producer that accomplished so much in such a short period.

Exhale Well’s HHC Gummies: Brand Overview

Exhale Wellness is a reputable legal hemp company that has swiftly established a reputation as one of the most reputable legal hemp providers. Due to their superior work and unwavering commitment, this firm was able to not only meet but exceed industry requirements.

The company is dedicated to acquiring high-quality components to provide the greatest legal goods available. Exhale Wellness accomplishes this by collaborating with a select group of the finest local farms to procure the finest hemp plants.

These gummies are an excellent alternative if you have special dietary requirements because they are vegan and completely natural. The gummies are also cruelty-free, as they do not use animal gelatin.

Exhale is well-known for offering strong enough hemp products to deliver both long-lasting and immediate benefits, and the HHC gummy cubes are no exception. They’ve been designed with two distinct strengths to cater to experienced and novice users. 25 mg in the form of 30 gummies, and 50 mg in the form of 30 gummies.

While selling HHC gummies, Exhale Well also sells the best CBD gummies on the market.

Also, if you’re concerned about compliance, Exhale Wellness’ HHC gummies are Farm Bill compliant. Additionally, the brand submits its gummies to third-party labs for quality and safety assurance. These laboratory reports are available to the public and can be accessed at any time on the company’s official website.

You can save 20% if you sign up for their catalog. Additionally, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee redeemable during the first 30 days of the initial purchase.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness


  • Exhale makes use of hemp cultivated in the United States
  • The organization adheres to rigorous and high-quality manufacturing standards
  • The non-toxic supercritical CO2 extraction method is applied
  • Because all goods are made from plants, they are acceptable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Each product is composed entirely of natural and organic materials
  • The company makes no use of synthetic colors, flavors, or ingredients
  • A diverse product line that includes Delta 8, CBD, Delta 9, and HHC products


  • Ingredients of the product are not listed on the website
  • Exclusively available online

Features Of Best HHC Gummies

Third-party Lab tested

When it comes to the quality of its goods, Exhale Wellness relies on third-party labs to perform extensive testing. A third-party lab checked and validated the purity, accuracy, potency, and presence of undesired substances like pesticides.

As a result, you may rest assured that when you consume an Exhale product, you receive the purest experience possible while avoiding impurities or faults.

If you want to look for yourself, you can do so quickly and conveniently by visiting the company’s website. A simple search on the site will allow you to locate individual product lab reports and certifications, giving you a sense of security and confidence in your gummy choices.

Extraction and manufacturing

You cannot maintain the industry’s leadership position without utilizing the CO2 extraction method, widely regarded as the industry’s best process. This strategy is used by every brand committed to supplying healthy items to its customers.

It ensures product safety by subjecting the manufacturing process to various quality controls. The final result is not available to users until all process phases are completed satisfactorily.

Whether it is a vape cart, an edible, or a tincture, every product goes through this process and clearly states it on the label. Therefore, if you’re considering switching between types, you can assume that the greater quality will remain the same.

Potent ranges and flavor

Exhale Wellness’ HHC Gummy Cubes allow you to unwind and savor each moment with a unique high. Gummies contain 25mg and 50mg of HHC, which is enough power to make you happy and relaxed. The bottle contains 30 gummies, providing 750mg and 1500mg of total HHC substance for ingestion.

Exhale Wellness offers a variety of the best THC gummies, which are renowned for their extreme potency. The effects and intensity are comparable to those associated with the delta-9 experience. If you’re looking for a high-concentration product with a flavor profile, these HHC Gummy Cubes are ideal. Customers adore the different flavor it contains into one packet.


If you wish to become a frequent customer at Exhale Wellness, sign up for their offers to receive a 25% discount on each transaction. You will, however, be required to pay a monthly charge to maintain your subscription.

Although this appears to be a significant investment, you will save the same amount on the things you will purchase from this company in the long term. Thus, you can order many goods and save a quarter on each. As a result, the subscription fee will be recouped. Additionally, you may cancel it at any moment.

Shipping and refund policy

Within the United States, Exhale Wellness provides free shipping on all products. Orders are typically shipped out the same business day they are placed. On business days (excluding weekends and holidays), Exhale ships out orders within 24 hours. Shipments will be delivered in 5 to 7 business days, depending on the delivery address given when the order was made.

If the goods do not meet the customer’s expectations, the customer has the option to request a complete refund. To receive a refund, customers must contact the support center within 15 days after the purchase date and obtain instructions.

At the very least, the requests should be submitted within 30 days of the transaction’s completion. The customer will receive the total amount paid within 2 to 3 business days after the refund request has been processed, using the same method used to make the purchase.


Exhale Wellness is committed to offering the highest quality products possible for its customers by utilizing only premium components. Consequently, our products are made with premium hemp obtained from the finest Colorado farmers.

Exhale assures that its products have only the freshest ingredients available by procuring its hemp locally. The producer makes no space for error or contaminants and insists on utilizing only natural and organic products grown in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner that contributes to the preservation of the earth.

They include no animal gelatin and have a basic composition. A liquid hemp extract with a fruity flavor is ideal for vegans and lactose intolerant clients.

How Do HHC Gummies Work?

The hemp plant’s seeds and pollen contain a high concentration of cannabinoid HHC. The federal government declares hemp-derived HHC legal because it is not a derivative of marijuana and is generated entirely from hemp.

Federal law prohibits the sale of hemp-derived products such as those sold by Exhale Wellness. They are supervised by FDA rules. Exhale Wellness’s high-quality HHC edibles are delectable sweet with a high concentration of THC.

Due to the structural similarity between HHC and THC, many scientists refer to this chemical as a hydrogenated THC. As a result, gummies containing HHC and delta-8 have a psychedelic effect.

They may even alleviate tension, aid in depression treatment, and increase appetite. Additionally, the best thing is that these gummies are not time-sensitive; they can be had at any time of day.

Who Should Use HHC Gummies?

HHC gummies are safe to consume as long as they are prepared with organic and natural ingredients and are manufactured using safe production practices. Like other Exhale gummies, these are also vegan and gluten-free.

These gummies provide a more intense sensation than Delta 8, but not as intense as Delta 9. Some people seek out these candies for the numerous health benefits they offer, while others enjoy them for recreational purposes.

Whatever the reason, it has been established that HHC products such as the best HHC gummies may aid in reducing chronic pain and inflammation, the alleviation of nausea, the improvement of sleep quality, the alleviation of discomfort, and the alleviation of stomach issues, among other benefits.

Benefits of Exhale’s HHC Gummies

May reduce inflammation

Eliminating inflammation from multiple areas of the body is critical for general wellness. Fortunately, the cannabidiol compound found in marijuana may help alleviate inflammation.

As a result, individuals with rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, or irritable bowel syndrome may benefit from HHC use. These disorders are brought on by inflammation in certain body regions, such as the joints and intestines.

Best For Relaxation 

To help them unwind after a busy day and get a good night’s sleep, many people contemplate using the cannabis plant as part of their self-care routine.

HHC is classified as psychoactive since it activates the same CB1 receptors in the brain responsible for altering one’s perception and inducing a feeling of bliss.

As opposed to delta-9 THC, the difference here is that HHC is more focused on creating a sensation of rest than stimulating the user much like delta-8 THC does. A more calm and clear-headed variation of the legal marijuana high, HHC is described by some as being more relaxing and clear-headed. One can even use the best Delta 8 gummies by Exhale Wellness for similar results.

May Help With Anxiety

Although the exact mechanism by which HHC combats anxiety is unknown, it is believed to work through a receptor in the brain called CB1. The interactions between HHC and CB1 are thought to affect serotonin signaling.

The central issue with anxiety disorders is a deficiency of serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with mood and well-being. SSRIs, for example, act by inhibiting serotonin absorption in the brain, resulting in increased serotonin levels. HHC may take a similar approach.

Side Effects Of HHC Edibles

HHC has the potential to create adverse effects, and it is important to weigh the risks and side effects of buying HHC gummies online before deciding to take them. Consumers have experienced adverse effects such as tiredness, disorientation, dizziness, and an upset stomach.

If the intensity of the adverse effects worsens or continues for an extended period, you will know when to seek medical attention. Overconsumption of HHC gummies is frequently associated with negative side effects.

Thus, it is important to keep to the recommended daily dose. Another scenario is if you take HHC in conjunction with other drugs. When used together, they may have additional negative effects, so you should visit your doctor to ensure they are compatible.

Who Should Refrain From Exhale’s HHC Gummies

Young people are more likely to get sick from cannabis because their brains don’t fully mature until they’re 25 years old. Cannabis use during the early adolescent years has been shown to alter the developing brain’s structure.

Daily or near-daily usage also appears to have distinct impacts on adolescents than adults, including persistent difficulties with attention span, memory, and other mental functions.

Marijuana use during pregnancy can be hazardous to both mother and child. Cannabis users who consume large amounts, particularly those who combine it with tobacco, are at an increased risk of having a preterm baby. Additionally, the baby’s birth weight, awareness, and growth rate may be decreased.

THC is absorbed into breastfeeding and subsequently finds its way into the baby’s brain and fat cells, where it might linger for weeks. Cannabis usage by mothers has been linked to various negative consequences for their children.

Dosage Schedule

Before consuming any amount of HHC, it is necessary to determine the correct dosage. The HHC measurement regulations are identical to those governing THC or Delta 8.

Regardless, you should avoid all forms of mystery. Depending on their weight, age, or level of resilience, each client requires a slightly different amount to achieve the best results.

According to the official website of Exhale Wellness, the following doses are recommended for various sorts of consumers:

  • Dosage at low strength: 5mg to 12 mg of HHC per serving
  • Dosage of moderate strength: 12 mg to 30mg of HHC per serving
  • Dosage at high strength: 30mg to 60mg of HHC per serving

The dosing charts have been meticulously designed so that even the most experienced users can examine and experiment with various doses to get the desired effects of HHC gummies. Apart from that, the dosing charts are supplemented with extra information, such as ingestion methods, anticipated results, and undesirable effects, to assist you in finding the ideal product for your convenience.

HHC Gummy Cubes: Beginner’s Guide


Although HHC is still in the testing stage, the terpenes utilized in its production are generally considered harmless. Gummy HHC can cause tiredness and hunger, but it will not hurt you in the long run. The organic raw components for HHC gummies are tested in laboratories before production to verify their safety.

However, not all firms use high-quality raw materials and additives while making their gummies. As a result, you must keep your health in mind when purchasing HHC gummies. Investigate the brand’s safety precautions and the ingredients utilized in the manufacturing process.

Company reputation and customers’ reviews

You can get an idea of how effective a product is by looking at how well-known the firm is in the hemp industry and how well-reviewed its products are by customers. For HHC gummies, you should only get them from a well-known manufacturer whose goods have been well-received and have received high customer ratings. However, we recommend reading criticism from trustworthy sources only to prevent getting duped.


It’s a good rule of thumb to remember that the cheaper the HHC product, the poorer its quality is likely to be. Typically, low-cost HHC gummies and other products don’t adhere to industry regulations or safety norms.

Chemicals and other dangerous components may be present because of low-quality hemp. Therefore, you should avoid purchasing low-quality goods. As a result, even the most costly companies have specials and deals that you may take advantage of and save money.

Cannabinoid Concentration

One of the most potent cannabinoids found in most HHC products is 90% HHC, which is extremely powerful. Non-intoxicating CBD is one of the important cannabinoids blended with the HHC. In contrast to products containing only HHC, those containing a combination of HHC and CBD will provide medicinal effects rather than a euphoric high.

Source Of Hemp

This consideration is where the company obtains its hemp plants. Brands that worked with farms in the United States were favored to avoid illicit farming techniques. Exhale’s hemp plants were grown in greenhouses, ensuring the highest possible concentration of active ingredients.

They said they didn’t use any chemicals to change the plant. We also confirmed that the plants were organic and free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Lab Tested

There is no way to know if a product is safe if the manufacturer does not disclose lab tests on their website. Lab test results are available on the Exhale Wellness website, updated regularly.

You can also obtain those reports and use them to verify the purity of their merchandise. Consequently, these findings indicate three things: that the brand is committed to maintaining quality, that the complete list of components is available online, and a clear picture of the amount of HHC present, as well as the overall concentration of THC is provided to you.

Heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, residual solvents, and other pollutants can be discovered by checking third-party laboratory reports provided by the brands.

Extraction Technique

Although HHC does not occur naturally in high concentrations, it chemically transforms to CBD, delta-9 THC, and delta-8 THC. Accordingly, researchers categorize this cannabinoid as a laboratory-produced semi-synthetic one.

While both CBD and THC are used to synthesize HHC, it is necessary to consider the extraction procedures used to obtain these cannabinoids. Different manufacturers use various extraction methods, resulting in extracts with varying degrees of strength and efficacy.

Additionally, the process of extraction contributes to the end product’s purity. As a result, a prudent cannabis consumer would always purchase the purest substance available. On that subject, it’s worth noting that many HHC manufacturers conceal details regarding their manufacturing techniques.

FAQs Regarding HHC Gummy Bears

What is HHC?

The discovery of the HHC cannabinoid was one of the most recent advancements in the cannabis industry. This cannabinoid is frequently found in the hemp plant’s seeds and pollen. HHC is lawful in the United States because it is derived entirely from hemp and is not a derivative of marijuana.

You can have a comfortable sleep by consuming one HHC gummy each evening before a workout. This product enables you to experience novel sensations and joyful feelings only. Due to its increasing popularity, many individuals gravitate toward HHC to learn more about it and experience its benefits.

Is it legal to consume HHC gummies?

The 2018 agricultural bill legalizes hemp plants and derivatives containing less than 0.3% THC. HHC is a hexahydrocannabinol, not tetrahydrocannabinol because it is hydrogenated from THC or CBD.

As a result, HHC is a derivative containing 0.3% THC, which makes it legal under the law, and this is how it gets around the legislation. Certain states, however, do not agree and have enacted legislation prohibiting them. Therefore, before going, research your state’s HHC or THC legislation to prevent getting into difficulties.

Is it possible to detect HHC in a drug test?

THC appears to break down in the body similarly to HHC. Contrary to the Delta 8, Delta 9, and Delta 10 forms of THC, 11-hydroxy THC does not convert into 11-hydroxy THC, which is the breakdown component that many drug panels look for.

However, this hasn’t been tested and isn’t confirmed. Nobody can guarantee that HHC will not be detected in your urine, blood, or hair as a side effect of use at the moment. If you work where drug testing is required, we advise you to avoid taking HHC.

How are THC and HHC different from each other?

While THC and HHC share several characteristics, they are opposed. THC is a cannabinoid that occurs exclusively in the blooming buds of the cannabis plant, whereas HHC occurs exclusively in the seeds and pollen of the cannabis plant.

Both cannabinoids share a lot of similarities in terms of effects and features. It’s not the only thing that makes HHC and Delta-9 THC different. Federal and state law is the main difference between them, though. On the other hand, THC is a restricted substance in the United States in several states, whereas HHC is not.

Do gummies containing HHC create euphoric effects?

HHC is well-known for its rapid onset of psychoactivity. Cannabinoids with a high concentration of HHC are distinct from those with a high concentration of THC. They interact with and stimulate your brain in various ways, resulting in a unique experience. There are many different types of cannabinoids, and each person’s brain is different, so they have different reactions.

Not only do many users feel euphoric highs, but they also report experiencing physical relaxation. HHC may also have anti-inflammatory properties, as it is a compound of CBD and THC.

How powerful is HHC?

Compared to other hemp-derived cannabinoids such as Delta 8 and Delta 10, HHC’s potency is roughly 70-80% more than THC’s. Moderate amounts of HHC produce a similar blissful psychoactive effect to THC. However, it is frequently asserted that it possesses more relaxing and soothing properties than Delta 8.

How long do HHC gummies affect you?

Unlike smoking HHC, edibles, such as gummies, have a far longer-lasting effect, lasting anywhere from six to eight hours. However, because each of us is unique, each individual will feel the impacts differently.

Some people may experience the effects for up to 12 hours, while others may only experience them for up to 3 hours. It all comes down to how much energy or potency (mg of HHC) you have, how big you are, how fast your body moves, and how much tolerance you have for these kinds of things.

Conclusion: Do HHC Gummies Really Work?

Exhale Wellness is an excellent choice for anyone seeking the excitement of effective legal marijuana alternatives. The company offers a diverse selection of goods with guaranteed quality and potency that you should test. If you want to experiment with different cannabinoids, you’ll find some amazing THC, CBD, and HHC items to try out.

We wrote this Exhale’s HHC gummies review because we think you should know a lot about the product before buying it. Their HHC gummies are composed entirely of natural ingredients, are vegan, have no GMOs, and are completely safe to consume. These gummies are scientifically tested to assure their quality, efficacy, and safety.

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