Beauty spa makes the move to Williston from Manhattan

Bliss Beauty Spa is now in Williston Park. (Photo by Penny Zhong)

Making the move from Manhattan, Bliss Beauty Spa has found a new home in Williston Park on Hillside Avenue. The staff celebrated the grand opening Aug. 1 and is looking forward to becoming part of the Williston Park community.

“It’s been very good. We’ve had quite a few visitors in the last week,” Penny Zhong said of the opening.

Penny Zhong, who is the cousin of the owner Jing Zhong, said she serves as the store’s coordinator and spokeswoman in the community. At the Williston Park location, Zhong said, the spa offers various forms of manicures, eyelash extensions, facials, waxing, and ear candling. Zhong said the ear treatments are one of the procedures unique to Bliss Beauty Spa.

According to Zhong and specialist July Yu, what makes Bliss Beauty Spa unique is the G.M. Colin products that they use for skincare and waxing which are very high-end and will inspire clients to keep coming back.

“The difference is the top quality of the product that we use. There’s a lot of choices for nails and colors. There are a lot of different treatments and different products that we use,” Zhong said.

She said that the spa operated in Manhattan for 20 years. Zhong said she was the one to suggest to her cousin that the spa should move to Long Island, where it is now at 99 Hillside Ave.

“The spa is located inside a professional building right in the heart of Williston Park. It’s in a very private and cozy environment that is beautifully done,” Zhong said.

One huge benefit of leaving Manhattan, Zhong said, is the amount of parking around the new building. Zhong said since the store is no longer on the street in Manhattan, there is less stress coming from customers arriving and leaving. She said the new secluded location is more private and peaceful, which will lead to a more loyal following.

Now that the store is up and running, Zhong’s goal is to get the word out to the community and build up their clientel. This includes reaching out to community media, handing out fliers and taking tables at street fairs in Williston Park and Mineola.

Zhong said the goal of the spa is to “provide a very, very good quality of spa service and it can be for ladies and for men.” She said this could also include teenagers having trouble with acne.

She said it is important for the store to keep marketing its services and getting its name out there.



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