North Shore averages six new coronavirus cases daily over the past 40 days, figures show

A total of 42,423 people had tested positive for the coronavirus as of Wednesday, according to county figures. (Photo courtesy of the Nassau County Department of Health)

Nassau County and its residents completed one week of the fourth and final reopening phase on Wednesday as coronavirus trends remained in decline throughout the North Shore.

Since June 3, the confirmed number of coronavirus cases in North Shore communities has increased from 4,208 to 4,461, according to figures from the Nassau County Department of Health.

The figures, broken down by community on the county’s interactive map, were the most up-to-date figures available as of Wednesday morning.

During the peak of the pandemic in mid-April, hundreds of confirmed cases throughout the North Shore were reported on a weekly basis and thousands of new ones in Nassau County.  Now, a few more than 250 tested positive on the North Shore over the past 40 days, according to county figures.

The Village of Roslyn still had the most cases per 1,000 residents in Nassau County, according to figures provided by the county Department of Health, with 151 cases.

According to Roslyn Mayor John Durkin, the rate of infection reported by Newsday and the population provided by the census is inaccurate.

In a June phone call to Blank Slate Media, Durkin said the village’s population of roughly 4,000 residents does not coincide with Newsday’s report of 52.95 cases per 1,000 residents, which was reported in previous articles in Blank Slate Media papers.

Durkin attributed some of the cases to people with underlying health conditions at the village’s two senior homes, the Atria and Assisted Living Roslyn.

“If you take out those cases [from the assisted living homes], then I would say we are pretty on par with everyone else,” Durkin said.

Municipalities that stretch into more than one North Shore area such as Flower Hill, Herricks, Albertson, Garden City Park and North Hills were counted separately and accounted for 673 cases, an increase of 44 since June 3, or just over one new case each day.

According to the map, the New Hyde Park area had a total of 1,112 confirmed cases of the virus, an increase of 42 since June 3.  North New Hyde Park, just south of Manhasset Hills and Lake Success, is the area with the most confirmed cases at 436, showing an increase of 12 cases over the past 40 days.

Mineola, Garden City, Williston and East Williston combined for a total of 796 cases, an increase of 51 since June 3.

That area has been one of the most affected throughout all of Nassau County with close proximity to villages with high infection rates such as Uniondale and Hempstead, with more than 2,600 combined cases.

Port Washington accounts for 403 of the North Shore’s cases, an increase of 24 since June 3. Of that total, 229 are from town-governed areas and 101 in Manorhaven.

A total of 839 residents throughout the Great Neck peninsula had tested positive for the virus, an increase of 56 over the past 40 days. The Great Neck peninsula saw the highest number of new cases on the North Shore in that period, according to the figures.

The centralized villages, such as the Village of Great Neck and Great Neck Plaza, account for 415 of the area’s confirmed cases, an increase of 26 over the past 40 days. Kings Point still ranks third in the area’s confirmed cases with 117, the only other village out of the peninsula’s nine to have more than 100 confirmed cases.

Manhasset, with 257 confirmed cases, has closer proximity to areas with more positive cases but had the lowest increase of cases since June 3 with just 20.

The town-governed parts of Manhasset, with 129 confirmed cases, along with North Hills, Flower Hill and Herricks, made up a majority of the area’s cases.  The villages of Manhasset Hills, Munsey Park, Plandome, Plandome Manor and Plandome Heights accounted for 128 cases.

As of Wednesday, there were a total of 42,423 cases, and 2,190 coronavirus-related deaths, throughout Nassau County, according to statistics provided by the Department of Health. 

There were 1,851 new cases and 63 coronavirus-related deaths over the past 40 days. The average per day was 46 new cases.

As of Wednesday, more than 407,000 New Yorkers had tested positive for the coronavirus, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Of that total, which includes people who have recovered from the virus, more than 32,000 have died, according to figures provided by The New York Times.

Despite surpassing 400,000 cases, Cuomo praised residents throughout the state who have adhered to social distancing and safety mandates to avoid a spike in confirmed cases that other states such as Florida, Texas and Arizona have recently seen.

“The last 137 days have been hell for New York as we were the epicenter of this pandemic,” Cuomo said in a statement. “However, New Yorkers stood as one, acted responsibly and – as many other states in this nation are now grappling with new spikes of this insidious virus – the beast, for now, has been brought to bay in this state.”


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