Town approves pay raises for nonunion workers

Town approves pay raises for nonunion workers
Town of North Hempstead Supervisor Judi Bosworth listens as a resident speaks at a town board meeting. (Photo by Janelle Clausen)

The Town of North Hempstead approved a 1.75 percent raise for nonunion employees at a board meeting last week in an effort to match a raise in a contract with union workers approved last year.

Carole Trottere, a town spokeswoman, said board members set a 1.75 percent raise to correspond with the town’s new six-year contract with Civil Services Employees Unit 7555, which was approved two months ago and affects more than 340 town employees.

The nonunion raise, worth $95,345, affects 83 workers, including Parks Commissioner Jill Weber, Deputy Supervisor Aline Khatchadourian, Building Commissioner John Niewender and town Attorney Elizabeth Botwin.

Weber’s salary goes up $2,215 to $128,778, while Niewender’s rises $2,008 to $116,724. Khatchadourian’s annual salary, meanwhile, increases $1,595 to $92,720 and Botwin’s salary rises $2,829 to $164,475.

Nonunion employees previously got a raise last January.

This move also follows the approval of $5,000 raises for town council aides last month.

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