FinViz Stock Screener Review 2022 : Where Does It Rank?

If you’re planning on investing some time and money in practically anything, you need a powerful tool. Many stock trading opportunities appear, but in order to find them quickly and most effectively, you need to use a reliable screener. By using a stock screener, you will receive a big help in becoming a better trader.

Having to scan through every stock manually will not just waste your time, but you will lose many good deals that you will profit from. Filtering out the stocks you’re looking for is the way to go. But, not every stock screener offers great features that will significantly help every user improve their trading experience.

Many stock screening services are provided on the internet. Sometimes narrowing down the stocks you want can get problematic because not many screeners offer the same tools, and you could waste some time before actually finding them.

One powerful trading tool that we will talk about today is the Finviz stock screener.

FinViz Stock : Brand Overview

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What Is Finviz?

Finviz is a powerful stock screener founded by Juraj Duris in 2007. The screening platform has had the same appearance since the beginning. That’s because it showed that it is an effective tool with no need to change any interface that will confuse people.

There actually have been some improvements by adding new functionalities and more extensive databases, so people would have more options to use without changing the simplicity of the screener.

This platform only focuses on US markets. There are also other features aside from the screener like news feed, portfolio management, charts, heat maps, backtesting, futures, forex, cryptocurrencies, and more.

Its mission is to help people with leading financial research, analysis, and visualization. It’s a website-based platform that is remarkably easy to use.

The user interface doesn’t need to make you think that this is an outdated platform. It actually loads very fast, and it works great when constantly trying to find new information. This is one of the most popular screeners today and can be used by beginner to professional traders. It’s also a much cheaper option when compared to other stock screeners.

Although we chose to talk about this stock screener, we thought we might share both advantages and disadvantages of using it. So, you can see for yourself if this platform is for you.


  • Premium subscription can be canceled anytime
  • Great free features for insider trading feeds and heat maps
  • Made for both beginners and experts in stock trading
  • Many filters are included that expand the search possibilities
  • You can receive a refund if you’re not satisfied with the Finviz Elite plan
  • Great map visualizations of stocks
  • Customizable charts
  • Simple to use and affordable premium plan when compared to other screeners


  • The free service won’t satisfy the skilled stock trader’s needs
  • No mobile app is available
  • Only covers U.S. exchanges

Finviz Features

  • Screener

We will explain the features that come from the free and premium plan called Finviz Elite. On the homepage, you will see three types of analysis: Descriptive, Technical, and Fundamental.

They are divided into tabs on top of the screener, and you have the option to preview all of them via the All tab. Just below these four tabs, you will find the filters that will narrow your search.

The Descriptive tab includes 17 filters, including Exchange, Market Cap, Earnings Date, Target Price, Dividend Yield, Sector, Industry, Country, Price, and many more that will help you refine your stocks based on general criteria.

More importantly, Fundamental filters are offered from the Finviz stock screener that is inevitable. People always rely on these because they mostly determine whether the stock offer is profitable or not.

Some of the filters included in this tab are P/E, EPS growth, Price/free cash flow, Sales growth past 5 years, PEG, Current ratio, P/S, Net profit margin, and many more.

With more complex criteria, the Technical tab features filters like Performance, 50-day SMA, Average True Range, RSI, Gap, Change, Candlestick patterns, and more custom patterns.

If you have a preferred method of searching particular stocks, you can save the chosen filters within the built-in filter options and use them as a preset in future searching. This feature saves a lot of time, and it’s very beneficial when you want to trade on a daily basis.

These features are available on the free and registered membership plans. However, Finviz offers a premium membership plan that includes many more features like customizable price ranges, statistics view, data export, advanced charts, and many more.

  • Portfolio

A unique feature that Finviz provides is the portfolio tool. With this, you can build your portfolio by inserting stocks and ETFs that you bought or sold and more information about them, such as the date and price. After you purchase a particular stock, Finviz keeps track of the overall P&L and the individual changes in every ticket you added to your portfolio.

To get a better view, Finviz displays text on the bottom of the stocks that show the news for all tickers in your portfolio. This feature allows you to keep track of the current stocks you possess and the important information about them.

  • Advanced Charts

The charts are also available for free but with many limitations. When you go on the Screener tab, you will find a Chart Viewing option that will open up a chart on a particular stock. There are many options for the chart when printing out the values.

You can choose from candlestick charts, advanced, line, interactive, and performance chart types. You can also select the timeframe where the values are shown on the chart to get a more concise view depending on what you’re looking at.

Other features that are limited to free users are the cart types. Finviz Elite users can use all of them: intraday charts, hover charts, overlays, and indicators. If your trading style requires these features, you should consider upgrading to the premium plan to receive all the benefits.

  • Real-Time Data And Premarket

This Elite feature is especially good for daytime traders because they mostly rely on timely stocks, and they need to make sound decisions at the right time. Free users can’t rely on short-term trades because the stocks are usually delayed about 10 to 15 minutes.

Premium users will receive real-time and pre-market data in many different forms, including sector heat maps, bull/bear indicators, top gainers and top losers, charts and stock quotes, insider trading, and many other features.

  • Backtesting

The backtesting feature is very beneficial, especially for new investors or traders who don’t want to commit to a particular trade yet. It provides 16 years of historical data, which you can use and test new your stock trading strategies and make specific analyses before using them on the actual stock market.

To use this feature, all you have to do is enter your entry and exit points and choose one of the two SPY benchmark options (S&P 500 ETF, shortly $SPY, and S&P 500 Equal-Weight Index, shortly $SPW). You will need to put in a few more parameters and indicators in a long or short strategy, successfully run the backtest and see the results.

The results can show you how your trade strategy would have performed against the benchmark throughout a specific period in the past. You can also run the backtests with as many technical indicators as you want. Either individually or in multiple sets, the backtests don’t restrict their usage.

  • Stock Fundamentals

Both free and premium versions of this section share customizable filters and data tables. However, one thing that will improve the trading experience is the diversity in Finviz Elite. With this screener, you can load fundamentals to your portfolio with correlating or inversely correlated stocks.

Let’s see an example of why you could benefit from the premium plan. When you’re setting up the filters in the Fundamentals tab, you can make a list of the stocks for a particular equity. If you pick a P/E ratio under 15, gross margin under 40%, and other filters, you will see the metric table and see your lists by clicking on the stock tickers.

  • Heat Maps And Bubbles

The heat map page is firstly organized into sectors. You can see different shades of red and green squares on the heat map and determine the company’s performance at first glance. The convenience in the heat maps gives the traders a unique trading experience. You can also choose from different map types that Finviz provides and use the one that is most suitable for you.

There are a lot of filters for the heat map that you can choose, including S&P 500, world markets, all stocks, ETFs, and more. Filter presets are also available for a better and faster search. These are the following filter presets in the Finviz menu: Performance (1 week to 1 year and YTD), Relative volume, P/E, PEG, P/S, P/B, Dividend yield, EPS growth past 5 years, Float short, Earnings date, and many others.

  • Analyst Ratings

The analyst rating filters can save you a great deal of time because they allow you to get the desired results in only one scan. Finviz Elite users have the option to choose any combination of the nine filters. When analyzing stocks by ratings, you can preview them and receive suggestions for selling, buying, neutral, etc.

  • Insider Trading

Finviz’s insider trading option allows you to easily stay updated on the latest insider filings. The trading feed includes the newest trading activity, top activity for the week, and the top 10% owner insider trading for the week.

You can analyze the ticker symbols, owner, relationship, transaction, cost, number of shares, value, and a few more features. This is a great opportunity for new traders to get to know the stock market better and learn more about stocks in general.

  • Futures, Forex, And Cryptocurrencies

Another premium feature that Finviz offers is tracking futures, forex, and cryptocurrencies. They are all located on the top navigation bar separately in tabs. There is an option for changing views from quotes, performance graphs, and charts.

By default, the information is shown in quotes, where you can see a mix of charts with additional performance numbers. You can also choose the time range for the analysis from daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.


If you want to find stocks with correlating or inversely correlating relationships, you can do it in this feature. The filters are the same, and they will prevent a lot of time spent searching for the right stocks. By applying filters for descriptive, fundamental, or technical analysis, you can find the stocks with your desired correlations in no time.


Finviz offers an alert feature that will make you aware of particular stocks in real-time. For example, if a stock achieves a value that you set up earlier, you will receive an email.

You can set up alerts for portfolio changes, insider transactions, stock price changes, news, and many other values. Checking on the stock frequently isn’t a practical thing to do. Plus, it requires much more time and determination, and still, you might not catch the wanted stock prices on time.

News and blogs

A new section is provided by Finviz where you can read many news articles about stock market trading. The sources are from various news feeds, including Bloomberg, PR Newswire, Wall Street Journal, Briefing, CNN, NBC, and MarketWatch.

You can also read blogs that are streamed from third-party free sources like Vantage Point Trading to Seeking Alpha, Daily Reckoning, Calculated Risk, Zero Hedge, and Mish Talk. The blogs usually offer filtered information about a particular stock or company.

How To Use Finviz: Learn How To Day Trade

Finviz is a very easy platform to use. If you want to learn more about Finviz, you can go into the help section and watch a guided tour video that will further explain all the features that this platform offers.

The hard part is learning everything about stock market trading. Although this screening tool doesn’t directly teach you about the stocks, it can be very helpful for beginners. Using backtests and getting more information from the latest insider trading can increase your skills in stock market trading.

We will mention a few things that might be useful for you when you start using the Finviz stock screener and trading stocks in general.

How To Pick Stocks That Will Increase Your Profit?

Choosing suitable stock screeners is just a way to approach the stock market easily. However, the most important thing is selecting the stock that will increase your profitability.

By having to choose from thousands of options, you have to dive deep into all the financials and their history. To determine if the stock is profitable, you have to analyze whether its price is less than its intrinsic value. That means that the worth of the stock is more than its actual price.

  • Analyzing the stock

Calculating the intrinsic value isn’t an easy thing to do. Actually, you might even come up with a few different values. Many factors are taken into account to evaluate the stock properly. Fundamental analysis, qualitative, quantitative, and perceptual factors are related to the performance of the business.

The valuation is different for every individual. For some people, having a successful management team of the business might be taken into consideration more. If the management team isn’t doing very well, the trading price might decrease.

On the other hand, the actual profit of the company might play a more prominent role in the analysis. If the range of growth is about 6-8% over 5-10 years, that is considered a good profit. However, focusing on the profit in the short term could potentially determine the value of the stock incorrectly.

Because of the many factors included in the analysis, the estimated intrinsic value isn’t precise. But, we can say that there is a roughly correct value that a person can determine.

Terms Related To Stock Screening

An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a basket of securities that operates like a mutual fund. It tracks a particular index, sector, or commodity, and they can be purchased or sold on a stock just like the regular stocks.

  • Stock Variables And Ratios

The price-to-earnings ratio, shortly called the P/E ratio, is the value of a company that measures the current stock price divided by the company’s earnings per share (EPS). If the ratio is smaller, then you pay less money for the same amount of earnings. Using the P/E ratio to compare different companies from the same industry is very helpful.

Price-to-book is another ratio that determines the company’s market value to its book value. If this number is low, the stock is potentially undervalued. It can’t ultimately determine the value, but it is an excellent parameter to consider.

Earning per share (EPS) is the company’s net profit divided by its common stock’s number of outstanding shares. The number that you get is the result of the company’s profit. How much money a company makes for each share of its stock; is used as a metric for corporate value. You can see the value of a stock in terms of how much the market is willing to pay for the earnings.

Return of investment (ROI) is a profitability metric used to evaluate the profit based on the investment. It directly measures the amount of return on an investment relative to the investment’s cost. It is expressed as a percentage. You can also compare different projects or assets. (bought it for x, sold it for y), cost, time, and taxes.

The Relative strength index (RSI) is a momentum oscillator that measures the magnitude of the price changes to evaluate the overbought or oversold conditions in the price of a stock. Standard use is for 14 periods to calculate the value. It ranges from 0 to 100 and 30 is oversold 70 is overbought.

Free cash flow represents the cash that the company generates from revenues after certain expenses are excluded, like operating expenses and capital expenditures.

Benefits Of Using FinViz Stock Screener

Finviz is a very simple screener that is ideal for beginner traders. There are no in-depth scanning languages required to be able to use this scanning tool. The menu is very easy to use, and you have many options for the setup for your search criteria. With so many filtering options, we think that Finviz will help everyone that searches for particular stocks.

How To Get FinViz App

If you want to use the premium services from Finviz, first, you need to make an account on their website. As you already know, the premium feature is called Elite, so you have to go on the Elite tab to make a subscription.

You can make a monthly subscription which costs $24.96, and you can make an annual subscription for only $299.50. The yearly subscription costs $174.50 less when compared to individual monthly payments.

Finviz doesn’t offer a free trial. However, you can go for the monthly option, and if you’re not satisfied, you can ask for a refund.

=> Click here to visit the official website of FINVIZ

Conclusion: Become An Active Trader With FinViz Stock Screener

There are many strategies that investors use based on a few categories of stocks. Whenever you find yourself, we think that a screening platform will help you utilize the tactics that strive to make you a profit. Having a tool to filter out stocks based on your unique methods of searching for trading options is essential for building up your trading portfolio.

We hope that we have provided enough information about the FinViz stock screener that will give you a general view of this platform.

Doing your own research about different stock screeners will further help you with choosing the right one. Before trying to invest money in a stock screening platform, you have to examine it thoroughly. By considering the simplicity, features, and price, you have to decide whether FinViz is for you.

So, with that, we wish you good luck in making stock trades that will increase your profit without any barriers from the screening platforms.

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