Five Schreiber students advance in humanities competition

Pictured from left: Port Superintendent Kathleen Mooney, Schreiber High School Assistant Principal Julie Torres, Schreiber High School Social Studies Department chairperson Lawrence Schultz, math chairperson Dr. Bryan Gorman, and social sciences teacher Dr. David O’Connor congratulate students Kushal Upadhyay, Julia Ruskin, Anna Finkelstein, Cameron Helman, and Saige Gitlin along with math teacher Tina Gallagher, science teacher Marla Ezratty, science chairperson Philip Crivelli, Assistant Principal Dr. Brad Fitzgerald and Principal Dr. Ira Pernick. These five students are semifinalists in the prestigious Junior Science and Humanities Competition.

Schreiber High School Social Studies Department chairperson Lawrence Schultz is proud to announce that five of the school’s research students have advanced as semifinalists in the prestigious Junior Science and Humanities Competition. The Schreiber five are among only 60 students from Long Island to reach the semifinal round.

The following students will represent the Port Washington School District at York College on Feb. 4, with hopes of being among the 230 students nationwide to attend the JSHC National Symposium in San Diego this May:

  • Anna Finkelstein: “Reversibility of Cellular Automata.”
  • Saige Gitlin:“In-Vitro Cultivation of the Parasite Ribeiroia Ondatrae.”
  • Cameron Helman: “Demographic Bias in Driver and Pedestrian Interactions: A Study on Decision Making.”
  • Julia Ruskin: “The Impact of Lack of Access to Medical Care During Hurricane Sandy on Mental Health Symptoms.”
  • Kushal Upadhyay: ­“Modeling Human Migration as a Network Problem as Applied to the Syrian Refugee Crisis.”

“The first step in the quest for wisdom begins with curiosity,” Schultz said. “These young men and women have proactively sought knowledge for the past three years. It has been a pleasure for all involved to watch this process unfold. This once again demonstrates Schreiber’s, and the entire Port Washington community’s, dedication to STEM research and the pursuit of inquiry.”

Schultz also commended the work of Schreiber teachers Tina Gallagher (math), Marla Ezratty (science) and Dr. David O’Connor (social sciences) for their tireless work with the students.

“Schreiber student researchers continue to shine, with honor in various competitions,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kathleen Mooney. “Having seen their greatness and knowing the dedication of these fine teachers, it comes as no surprise. It is always amazing and exciting. On behalf of the Board of Education and administration, congratulations and best of luck to Anna, Saige, Cameron, Julia and Kushal.”

“I am incredibly proud of our students, their inquisitive nature and their interest in making the world a better place,” added Schreiber Principal Dr. Ira Pernick. “They represent the culture of Schreiber High School and Port Washington well.

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