Floral Park Board of Trustees reports Feb. 1

Department of Public Works – Trustee Lynn Pombonyo
Our DPW continues to work hard, day and night, to improve the snow and ice conditions which may remain after Saturday’s storm. We want to thank all of those who kept their cars off the streets and/or moved their cars when the snowplows arrived on Saturday and Sunday.

Problems encountered during snow removal included, most importantly, shoveling or blowing snow into the streets and leaving cars parked on the streets as the plows came through. Both issues quite obviously lead to plowing that cannot be done curb to curb, and snow that remains on our roadways to freeze.

February has only begun and may be stormy and icy as we saw last winter. We ask all to follow the Village rules that are posted on the fpvillage.org website and email blasted to all on our address lists to ensure that snow removal can be done thoroughly, leaving the Village’s streets and residents safe.

Thanks go to DPW Superintendent Kevin Ginnane, Deputy Superintendent Joe O’Grady, Supervisor Kevin Pearsall, and our entire DPW staff for working through the recent days and nights to clean up all that snow.

Four Village Studio – Trustee Lynn Pombonyo
In addition to catching 4VS programs on Optimum Channel 18 and Fios Channel 28, you can watch our programs on the 4vs.org website. There are 466 shows currently available at 4vs.org, following 2800 website program viewings in 2021 (and 24,000 viewed in the last eight years).

As January marked 4VS’s first 23 years as a community organization, many milestones were celebrated. Popular 4VS host-producer Stephanie Larkin is congratulated for her 100 programs in the “Technically Speaking” and “The Author’s Corner” programming series since 2011, a very impressive 10th Anniversary accomplishment.

Our local communities’ high school and college 4VS staff members make us proud with their contributions. 4VS “College Student of the Year” honors went to Juliana Kenna. “Special Recognition Staff Member” honors went to current college student Vivek Mirchandani for his valuable volunteerism while at Floral Park Memorial and his “Community Spotlight” program featuring the FPM High School Tri-M String Quartet. “High School Crew Member of the Year” was Patrick Walsh for being most active on the active list, and Jamie Leisner was “Student Intern of the Year.” Congratulations to all for making 4VS the place to go for informative and entertaining local public television!

And don’t forget 4VS’s “Community Billboard,” a great place to publicize your organization’s events. Check the 4vs.org website, Billboard link to find out how.

Chambers of Commerce and Our Businesses – Trustee Lynn Pombonyo
Interest in the Covert Avenue property, where the 2020 fire took place, continues. As of this date, there are two current owners: United Properties, the owner of the property on which all but one of the businesses in that block were located for many years, and 41 Covert LLC, the recent owners of the property where the Park Place restaurant was located until the fire. When interest in the properties becomes formalized with all the required documentation, notice of any required public hearings will be issued. These will be posted on the fpvillage.org website and mailed to property owners located within 200 feet of the proposed property development. Our residents’ and businesses’ active participation in the public hearing process is vital. But it is also important to note that verbal discussions and reports by area residents and business owners of news about these properties are not sufficient for any Village announcements, meetings or hearings.

And, if you are a business leader in Floral Park, Stewart Manor, or the surrounding areas, please consider joining our Floral Park and Covert Avenue Chambers of Commerce (with a reduced fee for dual memberships). Be a part of the important work and enjoyable activities that make our Chambers so vibrant!

Recreation Department – Trustee Lynn Pombonyo
Registration for our Winter/Spring recreation classes has been busy, so several are closed out including: Silver Sneakers at 10:15am, all Tiny Tots Gymnastics, Monday Youth Tennis, Gardening for Kids, Pickleball and Kids Zumba.

Check your Village Items, from the mail or on the fpvillage.org website, because there are still many openings, and call the Rec Department at 516-326-6336 to register. Remember, if you don’t have a 2021 pool pass, you must apply for a new Village Leisure Pass, at no cost. Applications are found with the most recent Village Items.

Conservation Society – Trustee Lynn Pombonyo
The 25th Annual 2022 Great Backyard Bird Count is scheduled for Friday, February 18th through Sunday, February 20th at Centennial Gardens. Check the Recreation website or the Village or Centennial Gardens Facebook page for details about the hours, interesting activities, and photo contests for our students ages 5 to 18. You can’t miss the colorful, enticing flyers and you will enjoy seeing, hearing about, and maybe counting the most spectacular array of our feathered friends who inhabit our Village and Gardens or pass through here in their travels.

Enjoy winter in Floral Park!

Third Track Project – Trustee Archie Cheng
Retaining wall is being extended near the LIRR substation by Plainfield Avenue. The sound wall segments for the Charles Street area are expected to be delivered in February with installation beginning in March.

Fire Department – Trustee Archie Cheng
First and again, residents should make sure that fire hydrants are cleared from snow and ice by at least a 3 foot radius. The Department has reported seeing many hydrants still covered in snow. Valuable time can be lost in stopping a fire if our volunteers have to take time in locating and then clearing a hydrant.

Second, please park your cars as close to the curb as possible. The snow storm and the parking of cars in the streets resulted in fire vehicles not being able to take a direct route to an emergency. Please remember not to park in the street until at least 4 hours have passed from the end of the storm and please park your cars in the driveway until the streets are fully cleared of snow.

Police Department – Trustee Frank Chiara
The Police Department and myself would like to express our thanks to DPW for all their efforts clearing the snow from our streets. It was especially appreciated by our first responders, Police, Fire Dept. and Rescue Co., enabling them to answer calls from residents in a much safer way.

Thank you to Kevin Ginnane and your entire staff for doing such a good job. Your service to our community is much appreciated.

Congratulations to newly appointed Sergeant, Matt Viscusi. Stay safe and all the best on your new supervisory position.

Thank you to all our first responders, our Police and our volunteer Fire and Rescue, some of whom left their homes and reported to the Fire Houses on stand-by duty to be able to answer any calls for service.

We are very fortunate to have such dedicated volunteers and Police professionals, always ready to serve our community.

Trustee Jennifer Stewart
I’d like to start with a huge thank you to our DPW staff led by Superintendent Kevin Ginanne – they did a remarkable job cleaning up after the snowstorm. I’d also like to remind residents and businesses that plowing/shoveling the snow back into the streets hampers all efforts to clear the roads. Additionally, if you’re on a corner, please, please clear a path for pedestrians. Please think of our school children trying to get to school or on their buses, babies in strollers and those needing to use wheelchairs.

Floral Park Pool – Trustee Jennifer Stewart
Work continues for the 2022 season, soon our maintenance company will be in, assessing what needs to be done to ready the facilities for the summer.

Floral Park Library – Trustee Jennifer Stewart
As always, our library is abuzz with activities. On Tuesdays, beginning February 15 through April 19 residents can participate in a meditation series. Always good to try and be calm during tax season! Registration has begun for the AARP tax assistance. Appointments began today through April 12.

A Defensive driving class is being offered on March 12 from 10am to 4pm for FP residents only. The cost is $30 – registration began yesterday and registration is only in person through February 6. You can only pay by check made out to Impact Services.
Knitting, chair yoga and numerous children’s activities continue through the winter. Please visit the library’s website: floralparklibrary.org foe a complete list of activities.

Mayor’s Report – Mayor Kevin Fitzgerald
This week marks National Catholic Schools Week. I would like to congratulate Our Lady of Victory (OLV) School for all of the wonderful work they do as they celebrate what is now their 90th year of teaching. OLV School is an integral part of the Village. Catholic schools ae being celebrated across the nation and they are also an integral part of the history of the United States. Being a product of Catholic schools, I’d like to say that I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the good work of the Sisters of St. Lucy Filippini who set me straight back in the day. Congratulations.

I would like to thank the men at the Department of Public Works (DPW) for all of their efforts over the weekend with the snowstorm. It takes a lot of work and I appreciate their hard work and the residents’ patience. Each snowstorm is different and we learn from them and improve with each one. Thanks to the volunteers in the Floral Park Fire Department for being on the ready and for the efforts of the Floral Park Police Department as well. Thank you.

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