12 Free Online Movie Streaming Sites In 2022

Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

Many people enjoy relaxing after a busy and stressful day while watching their favorite movies. However, to be able to do so, a quality movie streaming site is needed. 

Whether you like action or comedy or maybe horror and drama, these types of sites cover a lot of genres. In this article, we will review some free online movie streaming sites that are legal to use as well as save for your device; not only that, but they are also virus-free.

Top Picks For Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

  1. Crackle
  2. PopcornFlix
  3. Yidio
  4. Youtube
  5. Tubi
  6. Vudu
  7. The Roku Channel 
  8. Plex
  9. Freevee 
  10. Pluto TV
  11. Peacock 
  12. Kanopy 


What do we like? 

  • Crackle features an extensive list of movies and TV shows
  • On this streaming site, you can also find the recent movies 
  • You can search for movies by entering a title, actors, or genre
  • It supports streaming on all devices operating on iOS and Android 
  • The site saves your progress, so you can resume the rest of the movie later
  • On Crackle, you can find original content to watch

What do we not like?

  • Crackle is only available for the users in the US
  • The website interface is very simple and there is no subscription 

Crackle is a streaming service that features a wide array of movies, including recent movies featuring popular actors. The site features movies and TV shows from well-known studios of every genre, so you can also search for movies based on the genre that you enjoy the most. 

With more than 700 movies and around 100 TV series, Crackle has a wide library of options to choose from. What is great about Crackle is that it doesn’t require you to register to watch movies, and it has an ‘activate a device’ feature that enables you to enjoy Crackle on your TV. 

This site doesn’t have pop-up ads, but it does have several ads that appear because the site is ad-supported. When you sign up for free on Crackle, you will also get the option for parental control. 

The site is mobile-friendly, and its videos have excellent quality. Some of the movies you can watch on this site include ‘Law Abiding Citizen,’ ‘Spiderman,’ ‘Cold Pursuit,’ ‘Adventures in Zambezia,’ ‘Afterglow’, and many others. 


What do we Like?

  • PopcornFlix has a very clean and user-friendly interface
  • It has a broad range of movies and series you can find to watch 
  • The movies on PopcornFlix feature subtitles 
  • This movie streaming site has fewer ads as opposed to many others
  • PopcornFlix is accessible on multiple devices 

What do we not like?

  • PopcornFliz has high commercial brakes
  • You can’t search for movies based on popularity or date 

PopcornFlix allows you to watch movies without having to log into a user account. It enables you to search for movies based on the genre that you like, and the menu is very simple, so you can find everything that you need very easily. PopcornFlix features over 1500 movies in categories such as action, crime, comedy, sci-fi, thriller, etc., along with series and original content. 

This movie streaming site also has an app that works on iOS and Android devices as well as on Xbox and Apple TV. For movie hobbyists looking for a movie site with fewer ads, PopcornFlix might be an excellent option, and it is also suitable for those who enjoy watching shows on the go. 

The streaming site also provides details about each movie, allowing the visitors to determine if the movie is their cup of tea. Some of the newest arrivals you can watch on PopcornFlix include ‘The Island,’ ‘Wolf Warrior’, ‘Inferno,’ ‘Embedded,’ and others.


What do we like?

  • Yidio features advanced and unique filtering options 
  • It features a TV schedule and the option to watch shows live for free
  • Once you sign up, you can create a watchlist on this site 
  • Yidio has an impressive library of movies and TV shows
  • It doesn’t require registration to watch a movie 
  • The site is well-designed and has a fewer ads

What do we not like?

  • Not all of the movie options are free
  • Yidio has a DVD movie quality 

If you are looking for free online movie streaming sites that don’t require you to sign up, Yidio can be your go-to site. It allows the users to search for movies based on genre, date of release, MPAA rating, popularity, and whether they can watch them for free, rent, or buy them. Moreover, Yidio shows which movies require a subscription and identifies other sites which offer free movie streams.

With any video that you decide to watch on Yidio, there are multiple ads. On this movie streaming site, you are less likely to encounter buffering issues, which are a deal-breaker for many movie enthusiasts. Their newest movie list additions include ‘American Hustler’, ‘Love Tactics’, ‘Injustice,’ ‘Vampires Are Real,’ ‘The In-between,’ and many others. 


What do we like?

  • A popular site where you can watch all sorts of videos
  • There are subtitles for the majority of the movies you can watch
  • It allows you to rate the movies and leave a comment 
  • YouTube is easy to use and is not geo-restricted 
  • On YouTube, you can find trailers to decide which movie to select 
  • The site has numerous monthly visitors

What do we not like?

  • Not all of the movies on YouTube are HD
  • There are no filters to search for movies 

YouTube is one of the most popular online sites where you can watch entertainment news, videos of different types, music videos, vlogs, and other content. However, what many users don’t know is that it also provides thousands of movies to watch in different genres. Even though to be able to like, subscribe or comment on YouTube, it is necessary to sign up with your Google account; you don’t need to do so to watch a movie.

Youtube does feature a lot of apps, but you can skip them after a couple of seconds to proceed to watch your selected movie. It also allows you to save the movie in your library to ‘watch it later’. 

You look for the movie by entering the title into the search bar, as there are no filtering options to select movies based on genre, popularity, date, and other categories. On YouTube, you can find a huge collection of Hollywood movies and TV series, including ‘Eternal Beauty,’ ‘Into The Blue,’ ‘The Mask of Zorro,’ ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven,’ cartoons, and many others. 


What do we like?

  • Features a large selection of popular movies 
  • Tubi has a section suitable for kids
  • The movies come in excellent quality 
  • All the titles on Tubi are obtained legally 
  • There are subtitles available for the majority of movies
  • There are no intrusive ads on Tubi

What do we not like?

  • The movies and TV shows are not separated
  • This online movie streaming site is only available in the US

Tubi is a movie streaming site that offers thousands of movies and TV shows to watch. While the majority of them are free, some only can be rented. To watch a movie on Tubi, you don’t need a subscription or to create an account and log in. It is significant to mention that his streaming site is ad-supported, but the ads are less likely to ruin your experience. 

Tubi is available on all platforms, it has HD capabilities, and the quality of the videos is fantastic. A great thing about this movie streaming site is that it owns broadcasting rights for the content it offers, so you can watch movies without breaking the law. 

If you are looking for films that are suitable for children, Tubi has a special section for that purpose. It also has a live TV option on which you can watch sports events, news, weather, entertainment shows, and many others. On Tubi, you can watch movies such as ‘Sherlock Holmes,’ ‘Jumanji,’ ‘Apollo 13’, ‘Gods of Egypt,’ ‘Hotel Transylvania’, and many others based on your preferred genre.


What do we like?

  • Free platform for streaming movies that is simple to use 
  • Provides a long selection of movies you can select from using filters
  • Vudu supports buying and renting movies 
  • The ads on this movie streaming site are not intrusive 
  • Most of the movies include subtitles 
  • On Vudu, you can purchase digital gift cards 

What do we not like?

  • To be able to watch a movie on Vudu, you need to log in 
  • The movie content on Vudu is limited 

Vudu enables users to filter movies by genre and release date, but you can also view most-watched movies. It offers a broad range of films and TV shows, both paid and free, and it doesn’t have intrusive ads that can negatively impact your movie night. This online video-on-demand streaming service requires you to create an account to watch, but it doesn’t require a monthly subscription fee.

The quality of the videos is not a concern when it comes to Vudu, as they can reach up to 1080p. Another great thing about Vudu is that the platform has new additions regarding movies coming regularly. 

Vudu also has an app that is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android, but it is not available for people that live outside of the US. The streaming site has a smooth interface, and it is simple to use. 

The Roku Channel

What do we like?

  • Provides a wide range of high-quality movies 
  • The platform works on computers, mobile devices, and TV
  • On Roku Channel, you can find free live streams
  • This online streaming site also offers HD streaming 
  • The videos it features have high resolution
  • No user account is necessary to watch a movie on The Roku Channel

What do we not like?

  • The site is very simplistic, and the layout makes finding new titles difficult 
  • The content library is limited as opposed to other streaming sites

The Roku Channel is a platform with a decent movie content catalog, easily accessible on computers, mobile devices, and TV. The streaming platform is ad-supported, but the advertising won’t interfere with your streaming experience. 

The genre list on The Roku Channel is typical, but you can also search for movies by typing actors and directors. This site has limited library content, but you can also use it to watch free TV. No registration is needed to be able to watch a movie, and The Roku Channel also gives you access to plenty of TV shows and drama series. 

On the Roku Channel, you can find both Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Some of the newly added films on The Roku Channel include ‘Cast Away’, ‘Wild Card,’ ‘Final Destination,’ ‘The Outsider’, and others.


What do we like?

  • Most of the movies on Plex come with subtitles
  • The platform is compatible with Windows, IOS, Android and Gaming devices
  • Plex features a vast database of movies and TV shows 
  • The menu on this movie streaming site is easy to use and navigate 
  • It allows you to create a queue for passive watching 
  • You don’t need a user account to watch movies on Plex

What do we not like?

  • On Plex, there are lengthy ads that can interfere with your movie streaming experience
  • There is a lack of original content on this movie streaming site 

With more than 20,000 movies and shows, Plex is considered one of the best free online movie streaming sites. On Plex, you can also watch live TV and podcasts, which is not something you see on these types of sites. You can browse movies by category but also explore which movies are the most popular and which will be removed soon.

To watch the free content on Plex, you need to download the app or visit the site using your internet browser. Some popular movies available for streaming include ‘The Legend of Zorro,’ ‘The Road,’ ‘A Royal Affair’, ‘Edge of Tomorrow’, ‘True Justice,’ etc. The ads on this movie streaming site are unpredictable but tolerable and interactive.

The streaming quality on Plex depends on the user’s internet connection, but it ranges between 192 Kbps to 20 Mbps. The interface is easy to navigate, so you can effortlessly find everything you need. Additionally, parents can create separate user channels to restrict some of the available content to their children. 


What do we like?

  • On Freeve, you can find movies and TV shows with subtitles in your language
  • This streaming site is easily accessible on Fire TV devices
  • Freeve features a wide range of movies as well as original content 
  • This online streaming site makes browsing for movies easy 
  • Freeve is simple to use and compatible with all devices

What do we not like?

  • A user account is required to watch movies on Freeve
  • The platform is geo-restricted, and the ads last a bit long 

If you are familiar with IMBDtv, Amazon Freeve is the new name of this platform. It has a vast assortment of movies and TV shows but also features a database of movie information and trailers. One Freeve, you can also find licensed content from month to month, and it has a library of free-on-demand content. 

It is accessible via the Amazon Prime Video website and allows you to turn on subtitles, change the quality of the video, and access full-screen mode. It is easily accessible on devices operating on iOS and Android, Apple TV, Fire TV streaming players, and game consoles. 

With that being said, when watching a movie on Freeve, you will encounter lengthy ads, which is something to be aware of if you decide to go for this streaming site. It is also geo-restricted and intended for users who live within the US.

Pluto TV

What do we like?

  • Pluto TV allows you to see what will be later on
  • On this movie streaming site, you can watch a movie live 
  • It features thousands of popular movies and TV shows
  • There are no pop-up or banner ads on Pluto TV 
  • This streaming service is operated legally 
  • On this site, you can also find news, music, and other entertainment shows

What do we not like?

  • The ads on Pluto TV can appear during movie stream
  • This movie streaming site is not simple to navigate 

Pluto TV works as an on-demand movie streaming service and a TV service on which you can watch movies live as they become available. You can access it for free, and you don’t need to create an account to be able to watch a movie or create a watch list. You can stream movies on Pluto TV from any browser, but you can also download the app on devices that are operated on IOS, Android, Roku, and Firestick. 

Pluto TV offers ad-supported content, but there are no pop-ups and banner ads. The platform is operated legally, and it doesn’t have a subscription model. Aside from the regular genres of movies, Pluto TV also features sports movies, science documentaries, Christmas movies, LGBTQ cinema, faith-based movies, and more. Some of the newly added films include ‘Django Unchained,’ ‘Zoolander’, ‘Animal Kingdom’ and others.


What do we like?

  • Provides a unique selection of films 
  • The movies streaming platform is free and legit 
  • It features live TV and news and documentaries
  • Peacock is available both as a streaming service and app
  • Most of the movies on Peacock come with subtitles 
  • Peacock has an impressive database of movies and TV shows

What do we not like?

  • You need to create a user account to be able to watch free movies
  • It is not available for users outside of the US

Peacock offers thousands of movies and TV shows, including original ones you cannot find anywhere else. However, the streaming site offers only a few genres to choose from, such as action and adventure, comedy, drama, horror, thrillers, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, documentary, and family movies.

The platform has an app for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Riku, and Fire TV, and it is simple to use. It is considered one of the greatest free online movie streaming sites as you can access it from many platforms, and it allows you to watch free movies without breaking the law. 

The platform is ad-supported; however, if you would like to get rid of the ads, you can get a subscription. Among the movies you can enjoy from Peacock are ‘The Northman,’ ‘The Contract,’ ‘War of the Arrows,’ ‘Afternoon Delight,’ ‘Despicable Me’ and many more.


What do we like?

  • Kanopy features a lot of movie genres to choose from
  • It has a unique movie selection and frequently adds new releases
  • The platform has no ads 
  • The movie streaming site is free and legit 
  • Kanopy supports simultaneous streaming 
  • It is available as a site or an app accessible on all devices

What do we not like?

  • You are required to have a supported library card
  • On Kanopy, you need to register to watch the content 

Kanopy operates differently as opposed to other movie streaming sites, as it requires you to have a valid library card to watch the content. To do so, you need to use the Kanopy sign-up page to search for your library, and once you are approved, you can start watching movies. 

The movie content on this site is limited, but at the same time, it is one of the few streaming sites that are free of ads. You can search for movies using some unique categories or go to the Kanopy kids section, which is full of age-appropriate content. 

Kanopy enables simultaneous streaming, meaning you can watch the content from multiple accounts. Some movies the users can access on Kanopy include ‘What We Do In The Shadows, ‘Moonlight,’ ‘Detachment,’ ‘Robot and Frank, and many others.

Conclusion: Which Are The Best Movie Streaming Sites For You?

There are plenty of online sites on which you can watch various movies and tv shows, but not all of them offer the same range of movies and video quality. Also, some movie sites have too many ads, which can negatively impact your experience. That’s why we recommend our chosen movie streaming sites. Enjoy!

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