Great Neck Estates changes 2020 election date

The 2020 election day for the village of Great Neck Estates will occur on March 18. (Photo by Janelle Clausen)

The Village of Great Neck Estates has changed the date of their 2020 election from March 17 to March 18, to be compliant with New York state law.

Consolidated state law 15-104 requires villages in New York to hold their municipal elections on the third Tuesday of March unless that date is the 17th, which is St. Patrick’s Day. The law also requires a village to adopt a resolution to move the election date to the 18th, which the board of trustees unanimously did during their Monday meeting.

When asked for the historical context of this law, Village Attorney A. Thomas Levin replied, “Because the bars are open.”

He would go on to mention that, even though the bars are also open on regular election days, “there are limits on election day.”

The board also authorized an additional $4,100 to the village’s emergency cesspool services and the purchase of three all-terrain police vehicles.

The public hearing for the First Playhouse project was also confirmed for the board’s next meeting on Dec. 9.

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