Biener Audi to move all pre-owned vehicles to new location

Biener Audi to move all pre-owned vehicles to new location
661 Northern Boulevard, once home to steakhouses, will now be the site of Biener Audi's expansion. (Photo rendering from BEB Capital)

Biener Audi in Great Neck will be giving a new home base to its used car sale division at its newly acquired location, legal representatives for the company said Wednesday, with hopes of starting construction of facilities within a month.

The announcement follows the group obtaining land-use and other building approvals from the Village of Thomaston to build a new showroom and facility on the roughly one-acre site at 661 Northern Blvd. in meetings last month.

Michael Sahn, a managing partner of Sahn Ward Coschignano PLLC, a legal firm that represented Biener Audi during the village’s hearings, said it has been an approximately year-long process to formulate, present and adjust the plans for approval.

“I think it’s going to be a very first-class type of facility mirroring the image of the main Biener Audi facility which, as you know, is just to the east on Northern Boulevard,” Sahn said in an interview, referencing the dealership’s main location at 795 Northern Blvd.

Sahn said pre-owned vehicles, which will “all go to the new facility,” are a “big part of the Biener overall operation.”

Sahn added that the timeline is unclear at this time, but that the Weinstocks – who own the 89-year-old dealership – hope to begin construction of the facility within thirty days.

Historically the property had been home to steakhouses, including Burton & Doyle from 1999 to 2014 and, most recently, Union Prime Steak & Sushi from 2015 to 2018.

Port Washington-based BEB Capital, which owns the property, first announced the leasing of the site to Biener Audi late last month.

Stanley and Andrew Weinstock, the owners of the 89-year-old dealership based at 795 Northern Boulevard, in turn said it would give them “the opportunity to sell the finest pre-owned vehicles on Long Island in a premium environment.”

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