Coronavirus claims lives of Albertson mother, unborn child

The coronavirus took the lives of Albertson mother of five Jane Yeh and her unborn child earlier this year. (Photo courtesy of Jackson Yeh)

An Albertson mother of five was pregnant with her sixth child when she contracted the coronavirus, which led to her death and the loss of her unborn child.

Jane Yeh, 41, who lived with her husband, Jackson, and their five children, was admitted to a Northwell Health facility on Jan. 19 after having difficulty breathing the previous three days.

Health care officials determined that Yeh contracted the coronavirus as well as pneumonia, according to an account on a memorial page posted on the internet and shared by her husband.

Yeh’s condition grew worse after another several more days, according to the account. She was transferred to the hospital’s intensive care unit and put into a medically induced coma while hooked up to a ventilator. It was there where Yeh’s unborn child died due to the trauma induced by the coma.

Yeh’s condition seemed to remain stable for the next week until her blood pressure began to decrease, according to the account.

Yeh was given vasopressors, medicine that constricts blood vessels to treat people suffering from extremely low blood pressure, while doctors attempted to get to the heart of her condition.  Doctors eventually found out that Yeh had contracted two staph infections and her body went into septic shock.

The combination of the virus, pneumonia, and two staph infections resulted in Yeh’s liver, kidneys, lungs and heart starting to fail. Yeh’s husband held her hand as she took her final breath on Feb. 20, never waking from the coma, according to the account.

“Jane was a devoted wife and mother, who loved and prioritized her family,” the memorial page said. “She spent most of her life nurturing her children, taking them to school, helping them with their homework, encouraging their hobbies and expanding their horizons by taking them on events and trips.”

The memorial page also described Yeh as “an avid dog lover,” owning more than a dozen dogs throughout her life, and reflected on how “her kindness, childlike innocence, and compassion won the hearts of everyone around her.”

A GoFundMe page was organized while Yeh was in the coma while more than 20 weeks pregnant. After her death, the page rephrased its mission to support Jackson and the five children she left behind. As of Tuesday, more than 1,000 people have donated, raising more than $106,000 for the family.


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