First Playhouse of Great Neck requests building permit extension

First Playhouse of Great Neck requests building permit extension
Mayor William Warner discusses First Playhouse of Great Neck building permit extension request from Andrew S. Filipazzi, associate legal counsel of Harras, Bloom and Archer LLP. (Photo by Jessica Taylor)


A request for an extension of the building permit for the First Playhouse in Great Neck Estates was presented at a Village Hall meeting on Monday.

Andrew S. Filipazzi, of Harras, Bloom and Archer LLP, serving as the associate legal counsel to the Playhouse group, said, “We have submitted a letter to the board requesting an extension of time to comply with all the conditions in the July 2021 resolution, specifically more time to be able to pull a building permit.” He asked for an additional two months for the permit to be complete.

In the beginning of August,  a payment was held in deposit to address the fees that were going to be paid and incurred by the village. The applicant did not receive any comments on the plans until the end of October.

Due to the two-month gap, Filipazzi said, “there’s a need for additional time to properly address all those comments.” The engineers have to review it before a building permit can be issued. He asked to have it extended to February.

Interjecting, Mayor Willam Warner said, “I need an exact date.” They both agreed the extension will end on Feb. 14. The request for an extension was unanimously approved by the Board of Trustees.

Bruce Funk, of the Great Neck Historical Society, said, “There will be a public Zoom meeting on Thursday discussing the history, the present condition and the future of the Great Neck Playhouse.”  Warner will also speak and discuss all the agreements that have been established between builders and the historical society, such as the original 1922 stones and plaque that will be placed in the new building.

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