Gold Coast Arts Center to hold ceramics workshops

An example of work that can be created in the ceramics workshops. (Photo courtesy of Gold Coast Arts Center)

The Gold Coast Arts Center added a new set of communal ceramics workshops for the fall, focusing on craft making, self-expression and building confidence.

In these workshops, taking place on Oct. 21, Nov. 18 and Dec. 9 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., participants forge ceramic art like pottery and plates, and learn to decorate them. A few days later, the artists can pick up their pieces.

Jude Amsel, a ceramics teacher and longtime artist at the Gold Coast Arts Center hosting the workshops, said the workshop is unique in that she shares special techniques like silk-screening with the class.

“They know my work and I like to share my little secrets with them that I’ve learned throughout the years,” Amsel said, both of the workshops she’s held over the years and her Wednesday ceramics class.

It also lets people escape a fast-paced world, she said, and help them relax by focusing on their work. At the same time though, it presents some instant gratification since participants quickly see the results of their work.

“It’s really quite beautiful,” Amsel said. “It’s relaxing, it’s stress free, and people love to come there.”

While the workshops present a chance for people to create crafts for Halloween, Thanksgiving and the December holidays, Amsel said they have plenty of possible designs for everyone to use. The workshop will also feature positive music in the background, she said, with specific music depending on the audience.

“I think it really gives confidence and it really is stress relief after a busy week,” Amsel said.

“It’s take it at your own pace, but some people don’t want to leave,” Amsel later added with a laugh.

Each workshop costs $35 for Gold Coast Arts Center members, $40 for non-members and includes all the needed materials. People are welcome to attend individual sessions or all three.

For more information, or to register, call the Gold Coast Arts Center at (516) 829-2570 or visit their website


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