Great Neck-based organization seeks to spread kindness

Fountain of Kindness puts on events such as toy drives to help people throughout Queens, Brooklyn, and Nassau County going through troubling times. (Photo courtesy of Fountain of Kindness)

More than two years have passed since Melody Zar Aziz was called upon to help a young woman with brain cancer. Her aid quickly transformed into a communal effort to help that 21-year-old finish her last three months of treatment.

“I didn’t think that one act of kindness could spur this kind of movement at first,” Aziz said. “Me and a few friends wanted to do more, so we got her an iPad and sent meals to her family.”

Now a joint effort by Great Neck residents to improve one person’s life has turned into an organization that provides help to those less fortunate from Brooklyn through Nassau.

As a result, the nonprofit organization Fountain of Kindness was officially created.

According to Aziz, the group’s core membership is around 400 people from Great Neck, Brooklyn and Queens, though more than 1,700 people have volunteered their time with the organization.

Aziz said that the organization helps people with financial and medical troubles, poor living conditions and troubled backgrounds by providing a variety of support from a week’s worth of groceries to flying people throughout the country.

“The people that we find out about are mostly all through word-of-mouth,” Aziz said. “Occasionally people will reach out themselves, but typically we get people with a variety of different backgrounds that can use some kindness in their lives.”

Members will coordinate events where they assemble care baskets, visit medical centers or provide meals to the elderly.  Aziz said that there are also some organizations that are eager to collaborate and do events together.

“It’s all about helping your immediate community and setting a good example for our children,” Aziz said. “We feel that there is a need for people like us to come together and spread kindness throughout our respective communities.”

To Aziz, the name “Fountain of Kindness” speaks to the generosity she has seen the organization cultivate with its members and volunteers. Just like a fountain has a consistent flow and stream of water pouring out of it, the organization feels it does the same with philanthropic efforts.

Because the organization is a nonprofit, Aziz said she and the members are always appreciative when community members donate funds so that they may continue helping others.

The next Fountain of Kindness event will take place at Leonard’s Palazzo in Great Neck on Wednesday, Feb. 26, at 7:30 p.m. as members package boxes for families in need. The event is singles only, something Aziz thought could be a fun idea.

Fountain of Kindness will be hosting its next event on Wednesday, Feb. 26. (Photo courtesy of Melody Zar Aziz)

“There are so many events and opportunities for families to help give back and participate in,” she said. “But we all thought it would be nice to play matchmaker while we all collectively help those in need.”

To inquire more about the organization or to sign up to be a  volunteer, visit and follow @fountainofkindness on Instagram and Facebook or visit its website,



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