By Jake Pellegrino

Lake Success trustees voted on Monday night to amend noise laws, renew an environmental engineering firm’s contract and set a public hearing date for potentially boosting cellphone signals through the installation of nodes by ExteNet Systems.

The noise amendment sets forth a new procedure for residents who wish to host a party or any other event which may cause a public disturbance. Residents must now apply for a permit and mail announcement of a public hearing about the event to their neighbors residing in a 300-foot radius, equating to about two or three houses.

They must also publish an announcement of the hearing in a local newspaper at least 10 days before it is held. The neighbors will then have the opportunity to attend the hearing and give their opinions.

However, the final decision will be that of the board, which will either approve it, reject it or set conditions. The decision will be determined by “the nature and duration of the event, the types of machines or devices to be used or operated, the anticipated noise levels generated by the devices and machines and their impact upon the surrounding community, and any other factors deemed relevant by the board.”

“I think what we’re really trying to do is give the neighbors an opportunity to say yes or no to these things,” Hoffman said.

The village also renewed its contract with an environmental engineering firm, FPM Group, which reviews the environmental clean-up work done at the 1111 Marcus Ave. site by Lockheed Martin and prepares reports.

During World War II, industrial solvents and other pollutants were dumped into dry wells  at the site, which now houses Northwell Health offices and other businesses. Some signs of contamination remain.

“They represent our interests, they review the reports for us, and give us their opinion,” Trustee Gene Kaplan said.

A public hearing date on ExteNet Systems was set for March 12.

ExteNet, a telecommunications company, and the village are working together to improve cellphone service after the latter has received complaints from residents. ExteNet plans to do this through the installation of small nodes on telephone fixtures.

Before the March hearing, an informal meeting will be held where officials will drive around the village to ensure that the nodes are maximized for the most benefit, both aesthetically and functionally.


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