NSTV treating residents with afternoon of laughs for fundraising

NSTV will host a comedy fundraiser on Dec. 8 to promote their communal impact to North Shore residents (Photo courtesy of NSTV)

After undergoing a rebrand in October, the newly-named North Shore Television, or NSTV, will be hosting a comedy fundraiser to promote and highlight their communal impact.

The company, formally known as Public Access Television, made the change last month to be more inclusive to their viewership, which stretches from Great Neck to areas in Manhasset and Flower Hill.

“We realized that changing our name would stand out a little bit more, and would encourage residents to be more interested in our local programming,” NSTV’s grants and outreach coordinator, Grace Grella, said.  “Our main goal here is to continue serving the community, and ultimately help our business grow by helping others’ businesses grow.”

Grella mentioned that there have become more opportunities than ever before to allow local businesses to promote themselves on their platforms.  With streaming availability on YouTube and Facebook, the popularity of programming has seen an uptick in viewership aside from their regularly-scheduled cable programs.

“It’s great to have those other media platforms, especially in such a unique age of technology that we’re fully indulged in right now,” Grella explained. “We realized that we had to adapt to this technologically progressive movement, and we’re excited to continue that process.”

A ribbon-cutting ceremony last month officially marked the beginning of a new era in local television on the North Shore, highlighted with a new podcast studio.  Grella said it is one of the many ways that the company is looking to expand its youth outreach in gaining a newer audience.

“It’s such a great addition to have, and it’s already piqued interest from a handful of schools in the area,” Grella said. “A lot of people may think that this technology is for our staff and crew members when in reality, everything we have, we implore the public to come view and use to contribute to our programs.  Especially for the local students, we offer a handful of programs that can be great to jumpstart a career choice.”

NSTV offers a variety of programs to students in the area, such as, women in technology, Teen TV, and also lessons in using all of the production equipment, to show what goes on behind the scenes in making shows. 

Opportunities for students to interview local officials are also available, with the main goal being a mutual form of exposure for the company, and using the equipment to expose the younger generation to prominent figures in their community.

“We all know how important it is to be involved in the area where you live,” Grella said. “No matter the age, having the tools to interview people that can provide answers to your questions about your community is so important. We’re proud to be here for everyone and to be a place where discussions can happen.”

On Dec. 8, NSTV will be hosting a comedy fundraiser from 1-4 p.m.  Grella explained that in the spirit of the holiday season, nothing brings people together like sharing in a few good-spirited laughs.

“It will be a wonderful time and a fantastic way for the public to see all of our new equipment,” she said. “In the midst of all of the craziness the winter and holidays bring, sometimes we just need to sit down and laugh a little.

Two comedians will be performing in-studio from 2-3 p.m.  Refreshments and food will be served, several raffles will take place, and tours of the facility will be scheduled throughout the afternoon. 

There will be a $40 entrance fee that can be paid online at nstv.org or at the door. NSTV is located at 1111 Marcus Ave., Suite LL27, Lake Success, NY 11042.


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