Readers Write: Democratic activists play controlling role on G.N. school board


I observe with curiosity the obsession of local Democratic activists and their party leader, Steve Markowitz – with maintaining eternal control of local institutions, in this case, the Great Neck Board of Education.

To what end this permanent control? Even absent term limits, surely three decades is enough. Surely a new generation in Great Neck should be advanced by new, competitive and dynamic leadership. Anyone static in any profession weakens their “edge” over the very long term.

Yes – we require an aggressive, competitive, sharp, smart and energetic individual like Michael Glickman to take us forward as we service a new generation of Great Neck students. And yes – I’ll say it – I want a strong and bright personality to guard our community from the various forms of compulsory indoctrination in current vogue throughout the nation. We want to maintain our high standards and focus on the actual academic tools our young people need to make a good living and raise their own families.

The aspersions which these local incumbents, led by Mr. Markowitz, cast upon Mr. Glickman, do not merit my individual citations.

Rather, let us all agree that our educational system must not be permitted to stagnate  – and we must never allow our community to be subject to baseless social engineering, from the outside – at the expense of academic achievement. And do not kid yourself – this is coming. And we need someone willing to fight and resist.

These are the new challenges, alongside curriculum development, rational budgeting and efficient administration.

This is the time for all Great Neck Democrats and Republicans to elect Michael Glickman.

Jeffrey S. Wiesenfeld

Great Neck


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