Recycling may be a waste of time in Kings Point

Residents approached the board to inquire about recycling in their village. (Photo by Jessica Parks)

Kings Point is unsure how much of its recyclables are actually being recycled.

Residents Eleanor Askari and Jacqueline Harounian approached the Board of Trustees at Monday’s meeting inquiring about the recycling practices of the village’s contracted garbage collector, Meadow Carting.

Kings Point’s contract with Meadow Carting requires the garbage company to sort recyclables from waste at pickup.  

The village also requires residents to sort trash and recyclables.

Village Attorney Stephen G. Limmer said officials have received a number of complaints from residents that garbage workers dispose of all of their sorted trash in the same place.

Rebecca Yousefzadeh Sassouni, a resident of Kings Point, said that she used to separate her recyclables until she walked outside one day and witnessed the garbageman throwing it all away together.

Limmer said that the village addressed this issue with Meadow Carting about a month ago.

“We told them that if they don’t recycle, we can hold them in breach of their contract because they are not reliable and responsible bidders,” he said.

Meadow Carting said that it would recycle, but officials are unsure that they have lived up to that promise.

An official at Meadow Carting said that the company was separating recyclables from regular trash, and this was monitored through receipts from the waste facility.

Harounian asked if there is any way to verify that Meadow Carting is in violation of its contract.

“We would have to call every homeowner and ask them to watch their garbage men,” Limmer said.

He explained that he puts his recycling in clear plastic bags so collectors can clearly see whether they are recyclables or waste.

Sassouni suggested that the board provide residents with recyclable bags in the way they provide reflective vests, which are available for free at Village Hall.

“We are not going to save the earth but we can start with getting people to change behaviors,” Sassouni said.  

Harounian requested that the board accept the formation of an informal committee focused on recycling that may come up with suggestions on how to improve recycling habits in the village.

“We are always willing to learn,” Mayor Michael Kalnick said.



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