Troiano tax liens not listed in 2014 financial disclosure for town

Troiano tax liens not listed in 2014 financial disclosure for town
North Hempstead Town Hall will be the subject of elevator repairs. (Photo by Jim Henderson via Wikimedia Commons)

Robert Troiano, former director of operations for the Town of North Hempstead, failed to disclose tax liens in a financial disclosure form he filed with the town in 2014, the form shows.

The document was obtained by Blank Slate Media through a request under the state Freedom of Information Law.

The document was filed when Troiano sought to return to the town to serve as director of operations. He had left the town in 2010 to join the Nassau County Legislature, and in those four years he racked up $81,533 in federal income tax liens, according to Newsday. He also had a $749,264 lien on a house he owned facing foreclosure, Newsday reported.

But none of his liens were included in the financial disclosure under debts. The form asked an applicant to “describe all debts of you, your spouse, or your dependent children in excess of $5,000.” Troiano listed seven debtors, two of which were his spouse’s. Troiano’s debtors were Bank of America, Citibank, Ocwen Financial Services and Mohawk. He listed “North Carolina” as a creditor for both himself and his spouse. The amount owed to each was redacted.

Troiano told Newsday that the foreclosure had been canceled and that he had paid off his income tax liens, although he did not do so until late last year.

A spokeswoman for the Town of North Hempstead said a statement would be forthcoming.

Troiano was slated to be appointed in January as the county commissioner for traffic and parking violations, a position he was selected for by Nassau County Executive Laura Curran. He served as acting commissioner for several weeks before stepping down at the end of January after his tax issues came to light.

After stepping down, Troiano joined the county Board of Elections, where he currently works. Attempts to reach him there were unavailing.

A spokesman for Curran declined to comment.

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