Hair blowout salon opens on Plandome Road

Lila Beudert had done her market research and she knew she had to be in Manhasset. All she needed to do was to find the right location.

On Feb. 4, Beudert got her wish with the opening of the Beauty Blow Bars at 397 Plandome Road, the former location of Nicos Hair Design.

“We’ve wanted to open shop here in Manhasset now for about a year,” she said.  “I was waiting for permits with the previous space when this opportunity opened up.”

The Plandome Road location had been the home of Nicos Hair Design since 1981 when Zakas Nicos, the longtime owner of the shop bought its retiring owner out.

“Now it’s her place,” said Nicos, who has stepped back to be part of Beudert’s staff. “Now’s her turn to make some money because this place is a good location and she has a good product.”

Beudert said women want their hair blow dried without the brush and dryer, which causes hair damage and causes dry hair.

“Mothers and women that go to events or those heading to lunch or dinner can just pop in and out,” said Beudert, an East Hamptons native.

“We create the high end experience without the high price tag.”

The hair bar which just two weeks ago has already started flourishing.

“I was a little nervous when we opened,” Beudert said. “But we had a busy weekend.”

Beudert said she modeled her company after Allie Webb’s dry bar, a successful hair salon which has grossed over $50 million in just five years.

“We want to find a secondary market that doesn’t really have these kinds of hair salon.”

Beauty Blow Bar offers nine different celebrity hair styles from Gwyneth, Blake to Kate and Audrey. 

In her other three locations, she says the most requested style is “The Jen”.

Blow Bar offers individual blowout sessions as well as packages of 10 blowouts for $300 and for an extra $100, they’ll make a home call.

“We want to a fun and affordable place and we want to be a part of the community,” said Beudert, who commutes over three hours to her three different hair bars.

Full renovation began on Jan. 1 to outfit the salon with new countertops, chairs, large mirrors, new floors and lighting.

Deucert, a 26 year old graduate of FIT, said she wants to model her shops after her own vibrant and cordial personality.

“I just want people to have a good time,” she said. “We’ll also happily refill their meters if need be.”

Beudert launched Beauty Blow Bars in April 2014 after working in the restaurant industry.

She opened her first store in the Hamptons, which was quickly followed by a second and third in the Bridgehampons and Englewood.

“We want to be a part of the community,” Beudert said. “I hire my own girls myself. I conduct my own interviews and I have Nicos working with me.”

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