Exhale’s Hemp Strains : Buy CBD Flower From #1 Brand

Hemp-derived products are becoming more and more popular. Millennials are finally convinced that Bob Marley was right when he stated that “Herb is the healing of a nation, and alcohol is just the destruction.” Hemp stands for CBD flower, and if you don’t know what that is, sit back and relax; we got you covered. These flowers can come in different names like buds or simply hemp plants and are smoked for recreational purposes without worrying about any psychoactivity.

They have a much lower content of THC than marijuana and are the new favorite companion of every hemp lover. People started from now knowing anything about these flowers to adoring them in just a short period of time. The popularity of CBD strains has gone from 0 to 100 and everyone is enjoying the benefits from these plants.

In our Exhale Strains Review, we will not talk about all the strains on the market but the flowers found in the arsenal of products from the number one brand in the cannabis industry. Exhale Wellness checks all the boxes for a reputable brand that offers premium quality products. The team behind this brand believes that nature holds the key to wellness and they keep a close eye on every manufacturing step.

The hemp market is filled with companies that manufacture the best CBD flowers, but we are confident that even blindfolded, the strains from Exhale will separate themselves from any other competitor.

CBD Flower Review – Exhale Well Brand

Exhale Wellness is a brand that is considered a gem in the industry. It is created by a team of cannabis enthusiasts, pioneers, medical staff, researchers, and most of all huge fans of hemp. They have a lot of experience under their belt and always manage to provide customers with safe products of the highest quality. They shine on all fronts, from cultivating, growing, and creating unique and innovative strains. Exhale’s team of experts also knows the food industry, which helps them create edibles and gummies with the addition of hemp extract.

Exhale believes that nature holds the key to wellness, and they strive to create more varieties from CBD strains to improve people’s experience of smoking significantly.. They have a variety of strains to choose from, and they are:

CBD hemp flowers come in various strains with different tastes, effects, and overall sensations. Continuing our Exhale Strains Review, we will dig a little deeper into each one with its features so you can choose a purchase that fits your taste buds best. From taste, aroma, beneficial terpenes, and the effects of each strain.

#1. Cherry Wine CBD Hemp Flower


Cherry Wine is a strain that took the CBD world by storm. Firstly produced in 2019, this strain can be found in almost all the vendors that offer flowers. Exhale, being so innovative, has decided to separate from the crowd and bring their uniqueness into producing this strain.

It has a nice mix of flavor and aroma, and it was the first major hemp strain that was smooth and delicious. Before this flower, the experience of smoking was mostly a headache and a bad cough.

Cherry Wine is a balanced hybrid that mixes the effects of Sativa and Indica into a CBD hemp strain with a small content of THC. Exhale has achieved this by mixing Charlotte’s Cherries and The Wife strains.

Exhale offers Cherry Wine with a THC percentage of less than 0.3 % to be a legal and safe CBD flower. Anything above this is considered cannabis and is sold differently depending on which state you are located in. The THC content should be less than 03 % from delta 9 and delta 8 THC.


The Cherry Wine strain from Exhale can be purchased in a jar or a bag. The jars come in two options, 4 and 7 grams. The bags can be 28,114,227,454 grams. The price depends on the quantity.

This CBD strain provides relaxation and a feeling of calmness without intoxication or feeling sick the next day. The fruity terpenes imitate a bouquet and have a sweet aroma. Imagine yourself being a soccer mom, but instead of a glass of wine, the Cherry Wine CBD flower is in your hand.

Since this CBD strain is a hybrid and perfectly balanced leaves you with a great feeling overall, the relaxing feeling kicks in within a few minutes of smoking and doesn’t make you feel tired.

The effects from this euphoric flower can put a smile on your face, and they can be:

  • Relaxation and a sense of calmness
  • Pain reduction
  • Helping with depression
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Stress relief
  • Focus improvement
  • Pleasure
  • Mood improvement
  • Encouraging better sleep

Exhale offers the Cherry Wine CBD strain in three forms, flower, small buds, and already rolled joint. All types are safe and legal, so whichever you prefer can be considered a great purchase. The flavor of this flower is sweet and sour, which reminds of freshly picked cherries from a tree with a combination of cheese and gas that round up the overall sweetness.


  • Premium hemp quality
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Third-party Tested
  • Elegant packaging
  • Natural without any GMOs
  • No pesticides
  • Less than 0.3 % THC
  • Great for dealing with anxiety
  • Stress reliever
  • Fast Delivery


  • Only available for online purchase

=> click here to visit the official website of cherry wine cbd hemp flower

#2. Cookies CBD Hemp Flower 


If you are looking for ways to unwind and unclench on a Sunday afternoon, these cookies are baked perfectly. The Cookies CBD hemp flower from Exhale is a mixture of Durban Poison and OG kush to give the CBD flower nitty baked goods perfectly balanced with some undertones. This strain is Indica-dominant and is a perfect way to relax after a long stressful day.

As we mentioned, the Cookies strain is a hybrid, so the soothing and relaxing feeling comes from the Indica, the slight kick from the Sativa helps for maintaining focus and keeping productivity during the day.

The Cookie strain, alongside the sweet and savory flavor, has some fruity and minty overtones. This CBD flower has one of the most complex terpene profiles in the whole kingdom of cannabis. Some of the terpenes can be even beneficial taken individually, and they are:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Limonene
  • Humulene
  • Myrcene
  • Pinene
  • Linalool

The Cookies strain from Exhale has THC of less than 0.3% just like their other CBD flowers and is considered legal and safe for consumption.


Like the previous strain the Cookies CBD hemp flower can come in a comfortable childproofing jar or a bag. You have choices from 4grams up to 454 grams, and the price varies with each choice.

The Cookies strain can give a sense of calmness and relaxation with a kick of positivity, resulting  in an unforgettable experience. The taste is perfectly balanced, like a fresh batch of cookies coming out of the oven with a tone of mint. The benefits from this strain are:

  • Muscle relief
  • Helps with skin irritation
  • Reducing anxiety and panic attacks
  • Improve sleep
  • Mood enhancement
  • Improves the digestion system and appetite
  • Battling depression
  • Improving focus
  • Reduces inflammation

You can buy the Cookies strain from Exhale in a flower, small, bud, or go with a very convenient choice of the pre-rolls. Whichever you prefer, you can get the same quality guarantee.


  • Indica-dominant
  • Cookie flavor with a mint overtone
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • No GMOs or additives
  • High-quality
  • Great for dealing with insomnia
  • Legal
  • Lab-tested


  • Only available on Exhale’s webshop

=> click here to visit the official website of cookies cbd hemp flower

#3. Gorilla Glue CBD Hemp Flower


You can probably guess by the name that this strain packs quite a punch. The Gorilla Glue CBD hemp flower from Exhale can drastically improve your focus and increase your energy levels. It has a strength of CBDA of 20.22%. This flower has a hardcore audience and is adored for its strength and intensity. All of the Exhale’s arsenal flowers are hand-selected and organically grown in Colorado farms, free from any chemical fertilizers and pesticides for achieving the finest quality.

Named by the sticky resins and powerful effects, Gorilla Glue is a strain that doesn’t provide any psychoactivity. You can easily recognize this flower by the tight buds that have a shape of spade and a light green appearance. This hemp has crystallized trichomes that can be seen from a foot away.

Coming in a coffee and earthy aroma, this strain screams premium quality and can satisfy your sweet tooth with its chocolate-like taste.

This CBD hemp flower is recommended for people who like to have a piece of mind and clear their thoughts for a couple of hours, and feel a sense of relief from the day-to-day stress.


Exhale’s Gorilla Glue can initiate a slight tickle in the nose when exhaled and is one of the favorites amongst cannabis enthusiasts for its cerebrally stimulating effects.

The team behind Exhale achieved this by mixing Chem Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel Strains. The high-quality character of this strain is achieved without any foggy or harmful side effects.

It comes in the same packages as the other strains from Exhale, so you can make your purchase that fits your needs. The terpenes are aromatic chemicals used in hemp plant to achieve unique therapeutic properties for customers. The terpene profile of Gorilla Glue CBD hemp consists of:

  • Caryophyllene

A highly strong anti-inflammatory terpene gives the hemp flower spiciness that affects the tongue and lips. In most cases it is connected to black peppercorn but can also work as a standalone terpene.

  • Humulene

Giving the hemp flower an aroma that resembles dry wood, this terpene also has anti-inflammatory properties and can work as a pain reliever.

  • Myrcene

Myrcene brings a relaxing effect to the table and is a prominently expressed terpene found in many hemp and cannabis plants. It gives the flower some sweetness and a tangy fruit undertone that synergizes the THC in the human body.

  • Terpinolene

Terpinolene is an antimicrobial terpene that has relaxing effects. It provides the CBD flower with a herbal aroma that resembles lilacs, nutmeg, and apples.


  • Strong punch
  • Coffee smell with chocolate-like taste
  • Tested in a third-party lab
  • Premium-quality hemp flower
  • No pesticides, GMOs, or bacteria
  • Compliant by the federal law
  • Options for sizes and packaging
  • Three types, pre-rolls, small buds, and flower
  • Free Economy Shipping


  • No international shipping

=> click here to visit the official website of gorilla glue cbd hemp flower

#4. Northern Lights CBD Hemp Flower


Northern Lights is Indica-dominant hemp that is a hybrid mixture of Northern Lights and White Widow. This hemp strain keeps the sweetness from its ancestors like diesel and skunk. It has unique effects that are hardly followed by other hemp strains and provides relaxation that everyone needs and deserves after a long and stressful day.

Northern Lights first of all has a nice aesthetic because of its light green calyxes that are covered with white trichomes just like sugar.

The customers of Exhale have said that it has a sweet aftertaste that resembles a watermelon and just like Gorilla Glue, it tickles the nose while exhaling. It is a highly potent and effective stress reliever.

The terpenes of this strain are Indica-dominant which means it has a more sedating than uplifting effect. Exhale removes most of the THC content by a high CBD-cultivator and all flowers are legal and safe.


Terpenes are the compounds that contribute to the aroma and the unique beneficial effects. There are a lot of different types that naturally occur in hemp. Analyzing the terpene profile of a flower can paint a picture of its potential benefits. The secondary terpenes are Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene, and Terpineol. The primary are:

  • Myrcene

This terpene can also be found in mangoes and brings a calming effect to the table that can alleviate daily stress. This is what provides the Northern Lights flower from Exhale with most of its sweetness.

  • Bisabolol

Bisabolol has a floral scent and works like a charm. This subtle terpene can be found in chamomile and also uplifts the mood and decreases the day-to-day stress.

  • Guaiol

This terpene gives a herbal smell to the flower essence of the Northern Lights hemp flower. It boosts the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD and can provide benefits that improve digestion or stomach issues.

This CBD hemp flower is recommended for people who have issues with pain, stress, and insomnia. Northern Lights have strong sleep-improving effects that can reduce insomnia. At first, it has a heady effect, and afterward, the body experiences a soothing relief.


  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • High-quality hemp flower
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Tested in an unbiased lab
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • THC less than 0.3%
  • No GMOs
  • Free from additives


  • Available for purchase only on the website

=> click here to visit the official website of northern lights cbd hemp flower

#5. Skywalker OG CBD Hemp Flower


Exhale Wellness can launch far away into the galaxy with this hemp flower. The Skywalker OG is a super potent strain that can be very beneficial for getting a good night’s sleep and for once actually looking forward to the rain outside. All jokes aside, having trouble sleeping can disrupt your whole life and make you less productive as the days go by. This flower can be as beneficial as a medical sleeping aid, if not more.

Skywalker OG separates from the cannabis crowd with a unique smell and taste that is hard to duplicate. The kush-like flavors are a given but this flower also has a hint of spice and a herbal aftertaste. The smell resembles diesel or fuel. This flower is named after a Star Wars character by the huge fanbase. Since it can put you in a couch mode for multiple hours, the consumers started watching all the parts from the Star Wars saga and the combination of kush and flashing lights gave them the idea for the name.

Exhale created this strain with a high CBD content of over 20% and a very low content of THC.


The Skywalker strain offers fruity and spicy flavors combined that can tickle the user’s taste buds and awaken the senses. There is a slight undertone that resembles gasoline after the inhalation process.

There is only one word that can exactly describe the experience of smoking Skywalker OG, which is multidimensional. It can also be exciting and unpredictable if you are a fan of new things, like climbing a rollercoaster that you can’t get off of. Exhale Wellness recommends this strain to veterans and people who appreciate a hard fuel flavor. It is highly strong and powerful so newcomers or customers with low tolerance should start slow before jumping on this strain.


  • Highly potent
  • Perfect for relaxation
  • Improves sleep pattern
  • Unique spicy diesel flavor
  • A high amount of CBD
  • High-quality
  • Third-party tested
  • Available in different jar and bag sizes
  • 100% natural with no GMOs


  • The only place you can buy Skywalker OG is on Exhale’s website

=> click here to visit the official website of skywalker og cbd hemp flower

#6. Sour Space Candy Hemp Flower


Sour Space Candy hemp flower is a Sativa-dominant strain described as a child from Gorilla Glue and Sour Diesel. It has powerful citrusy aromas and flavors close to tropical fruit. The Sour Space Candy buds are covered with crystallized trichomes and have a purple contrast with bright orange hairs. The colors make this bud very easy on the eyes. After consuming this strain, customers at Exhale have reported uplifting effects like an increase in energy levels, and feelings like joy and optimism. This bud will also satisfy your sweet tooth.

When it comes to the aroma, the strain follows the footsteps of its name, and after lighting up, you can instantly smell the sweetness and taste that comes close to cherries and candied apples.

Exhale provides a flower with 20% of CBD and that doesn’t mean that Sour Space is going to put your brain in overdrive, on the contrary, is going to improve your focus and feel more energetic.

In addition to boosting the mood and increasing curiosity, this strain can provide freshness to your surroundings, and it is great for smoking around the fireplace.


The terpenes are the compounds in charge of the aromatic and therapeutic properties naturally found in hemp and give the flowers a distinct smell. Each strain of CBD has a unique terpene profile that depends on the growing environment and the genetics of the plant. The terpenes of Sour Space Candy are:

  • Myrcene

Myrcene is a terpene known for its tropical fruit aroma and is the primary compound in the Sour Space Candy hemp flower. This terpene is also found in a number of other hemp flowers and is arguably most common amongst all terpenes. It has soothing and relaxing effects that boost the benefits of other cannabinoids.

  • Terpinolene

Found in a high content of Sour Space Candy, this terpene has antimicrobial properties and is not easily findable like Myrcene. It is very sweet and has a flowery scent that resembles apples or flowers such as ash lilacs.

  • Caryophyllene

Last but not least, this terpene is found in the Sour Space Candy hemp flower and has a pepper-like smell. That comes as no surprise since Caryophyllene is found in peppercorns and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

The Sour Space Candy strain targets people who want to feel calm and productive and focused. This hemp flower can be consumed either in the daytime or at night and won’t hurt to bring you down on any chatty social occasions.


  • Long-lasting effects
  • Sweet aroma
  • Lab-tested
  • Low THC content
  • Legal
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Available in different sizes
  • Focus Improvement
  • Easy on the eyes aesthetic


  • Exhale doesn’t ship this product internationally

=> click here to visit the official website of sour space candy hemp flower

#7. Zkittles CBD Hemp Flower


As the name suggests, sweets can be enjoyed by grown-ups too. Zkittles is a highly popular and adored strain that has won awards for its uniqueness. The most unique thing about this hemp flower is its distinct flavor. Zkittles is a strain with strong taste and flavor often compared to the popular candy Skittles, hence the name.

This strain results from Grape Ape, an Indica strain and Grapefruit, a Sativa. The ratio is 70:30; that is why Zkittles is an Indica-dominant strain. Being the result of two strains with fruity names, the sweet taste and aroma that this hemp flower brings to the table is kind of a given. By consuming Zkittles, you can exert a fruity theme all around you with an undertone of citrus tang.

The smoking experience of this hemp flower starts with a small pressure around the eyes and quickly moves through your senses, which results in an enhanced focus and more awareness. The uplifting effects of Zkittles can help you feel motivated and ready to attack your next daily task.


Upon inhaling the Zkittles it will become clearer why the hemp flower got its name since it is exactly like opening a bag of Skittles. The strong fruity scent will hug your nostrils and make a first impression.

Exhale Wellness is a brand that pays close attention to the flavor as much as anything else in the product. Some would come to their website for recreational or treatment purposes and would just be looking for the benefits. Still,Exhale takes things up a notch by always providing highly palatable products and edibles. Customers have said that Zkittles taste like a rainbow. This powerful mixture of grape, lemon, and berry will wake your taste buds.

Exhale packs this and every other hemp flower in a jar or a bag. The structure of this strain is exactly what you would expect from an Indica strain and has a unique color palette. The mixture of light green shades with purple hues makes this strain resemble Skittles even more.


  • Indica-dominant
  • Tastes like the rainbow
  • Easy on the eyes appearance
  • Premium-quality
  • Organic and natural
  • Tested in an unbiased laboratory
  • Sweet aroma
  • Instant potent effects
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant


  • Exhale’s webshop is the only place you can order this hemp flower
  • The company doesn’t ship internationally

=> click here to visit the official website of  Zkittles CBD hemp flower

How We Made This List Of Best CBD Strains?

Choosing the best CBD strains from a plethora of flowers and brands on the market can be daunting and overwhelming. Luckily, Exhale checks all the boxes; from authenticity and effectiveness, you can surely trust our choice and keep reading while we provide the facts that support our theory.

The quality and potency of every CBD strain depend on where the hemp was extracted from and how well the manufacturing process has been monitored.

Exhale Wellness is a trustworthy and transparent brand that has partnered up with farms in Colorado from where they extract their hemp. They keep a close eye on the cultivation and manufacturing process which results in a flower with premium quality. How the strains from this company are ranked above average requires a deeper dive into the things we took into consideration while doing this review, so without further ado, we decided on the strains from Exhale by looking for:

Brand Reputation

The reputation is always built on what the company does and not on what they just say they will do. There are a lot of reputable brands in the cannabis industry, some have been in the industry for multiple years, and some have climbed the ladder of success in a short period of time. Exhale is one of those brands that have started with only delta 8 products and extended their arsenal because they believed that the whole industry is lacking and there are so many things to be done. Keeping a high criterion in mind, this brand has excited our expectations and shines on all fronts that make a brand reputable.

What customers have to say about the product for sure plays a giant role in the brand’s overall reputation. The satisfaction from the users that turned to Exhale for a product is so big that they never miss a chance to write on social media, review sections, and blogs. This company has served millions of customers over the years and they strive for improvement every day. Exhale is adored in the cannabis industry and customers keep returning when in need of CBD strain.

Hemp Source and Quality 

Where the buds are being cultivated and manufactured is very important. While researching for the best brand that procures CBD flowers, we specifically looked for hemp plants grown in the United States. This is the best option for hemp plants globally, and the flowers that bloom are high in purity, look great, have a great aroma, and taste. Going with brands that sell CBD buds from hemp plants grown outside of America was never an option. Exhale Wellness has partnered up with Colorado farms, from where they cultivate, manufacture, and extract their hemp-derived products.

CO2 Extraction method

The proven method for extraction that has a track record of providing the safest and purest possible outcome is the CO2 method, which Exhale uses. Many other companies have followed their footsteps and this extraction method is a must for a reputable brand. Some other methods use solvents like ethanol, propane, butane, etc. but due to its low critical temperature and pressure, CO2 stands above them. The CO2 extraction method is non-flammable, non-toxic, renewable, easy to remove, and on top of all that, it is very affordable for companies. Exhale uses this method by always providing customers with premium-quality flowers and is also mentioned on their website in the About Us menu.

Strain Variety 

Exhale Wellness produces a lot of different strains, and customers adore everyone. That should not come as a surprise since it is often referred to as the best brand in the industry. They put a lot of effort into producing every CBD strain and shine on all fronts. Something worth mentioning is that this company started with only delta 8 products and they felt like the industry was missing a lot of things so they expanded their product arsenal and have been climbing the ladder of success since then. This is proof that they strive to be better each day and have only one mission in mind: to help people with the benefits from hemp-derived products without experiencing any side effects. In our Exhale Strains Review, we will talk in debt about every flower they produce and the features each brings to the table.

Customer Experience

While doing our reviews, we like to do a ton of research, and one thing that never lets us down in creating an opinion about the brands is the customer experience. Since people are still discovering and trying hemp-derived products, the enjoyment that comes with the benefits from this natural remedy makes them express their opinion and help more and more people. This is a huge plus for the brand’s reputation and building a trustworthy relationship with the users. Exhale Wellness is a number one brand for such products because they have had over a million satisfied customers and are doing everything to improve themselves on a daily basis. Customers  are giving Exhale nothing but positive feedback and a five-star rating in almost all review sections, blogs, and social media. They are adored in the cannabis industry, and whenever people need a product for a medical issue or recreational purposes, they reach out to Exhale.

Exhale Strains Review Buying Guide

There are hundreds of different CBD flowers and brands on the market so choosing can be a daunting task. We decided to review only the strains from Exhale since they are considered the number one brand in the industry, but that doesn’t mean that they are the only reputable brand in the industry. If you don’t find the feeling of browsing the internet for hemp flowers overwhelming, here are some things to pay close attention to:


In our Exhale Strains Review, we mentioned the ratio of strains that every hemp flower has; for instance, Sativa dominant strains can be used as a mood enhancement and make you feel a lot more productive. Indica dominant strains affect the body differently and are used for euphoric and calming effects after a long and stressful day. They are also great for sleeping issues and pain relief. Hybrid strains are a mixture of different strains. This is something to check before purchasing the strain and going with one that fits your personal needs.

Cultivating Process

The cultivating process plays a huge role in the quality control of hemp-derived products, especially CBD flowers. A reputable and trustworthy brand will always ensure that the cultivation process is as clean and as safe as possible, which Exhale exactly does. There are no harsh chemicals, pesticides, GMOs, heavy metals, or bacteria in their CBD flowers. The presence of these harmful chemicals can drastically diminish the quality and safety of the flower.

THC Content

The CBD bud, despite looking identical to marijuana, is very different. The flowers can be easily bought online and they have a bigger ratio of CBD compared to THC. Since 2018 Farm Bill has legalized the cultivation of products that have a low content of THC. To be more specific, what makes the CBD buds legal and free from any psychoactivity is their content of less than 0.3 % THC. Many companies will claim that their hemp-derived products are abiding by federal law but there is no proof behind it and the label skips this information. Not Exhale; they are very strict about the content of THC and are only interested in providing people with a relaxing feeling and no harmful side effects.

Testing Transparency

A highly reputable brand will provide customers with an up-to-date Certificate of Analysis. Now let’s start from the beginning. Before getting this certificate, the brand has to put the products, or in our case, the CBD strains through various tests. The testing is done in a third-party laboratory which shows trust from the brand and confidence in their product.

The strains go through all sorts of control checkups to ensure that the outcome is safe and pure. The testing in an unbiased lab verifies that the product’s description matches the actual outcome. Testing is crucial; that is why we looked only for brands that provide this feature. There are a lot of companies that claim to put their products for testing, but their certificate is nowhere to be found on the website.

The results from the tests are stored in a document called the Certificate of Analysis. There is a full list of ingredients in the product and more importantly, the absence of GMOs, additives, or any other artificial colors. Exhale Wellness has an up-to-date certificate on its official page which is another huge plus for this company.

FAQs about Exhale Strain

What Health Benefits do CBD Products have?

They have anti-inflammatory properties that can effectively reduce body pain, anxiety, stress, help you sleep better, and more.

Is CBD flower stronger than CBD Oil?

The flower will provide a less concentrated CBD dose than CBD oil. So the answer is no, but the experience of smoking a CBD flower does not lack anything.

What are the different ways of using CBD?

In most cases, the hemp flowers are smoked or vaped but people in recent years have started to cook and bake with them. The CBD strains can also be applied to the skin.

Will smoking CBD Flower make me feel high?

No, CBD strains will not provide the typical “high” feeling like other cannabis products; instead, they will give you a smooth and relaxing feeling that will reduce your anxiety.

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Conclusion: Premium CBD Hemp Strains On The Market

CBD took the world by a storm. The hemp flowers came close with the appearance of marijuana, which is a huge contributor to the popularity amongst cannabis lovers and newcomers who don’t want to get in trouble with the law. In our Exhale Strains Review, you have all the information about the strains that Exhale produces so you can make the decision that fits your needs perfectly.

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