House Cleaning Costs UK: Average Prices In 2022?

House cleaning services offer many advantages that leave most busy people happy to pay for the service. In some cases, the benefits of hiring professional house cleaners are worth significantly more than the cost of the actual cleaning. Good house cleaning is essential for healthy living, and it helps you at every stage and is a key ingredient to a good quality of life.

Whether you are new to the home-owning game or have been actively involved for years, getting into regular house cleaning habits doesn’t have to be complicated. Here, we explore house cleaning costs in 2022, factors affecting them, how to save on the services, as well as their advantages, disadvantages, and many more.

How Much Does House Cleaning Cost? 

The average house cleaning costs can vary depending on your desired services.

Type of Cleaning Average Cost Per Hour
Average house cleaning £10- £20
Window cleaning £25
Upholstery £12
Fridge cleaning £12
After builder cleaning £14
Floor cleaning £15
Oven cleaning(per appliance) £49- £60
Carpet cleaning(per room) £25- £35

A professional cleaner will charge you anywhere between £10- £20 per hour. Therefore, hiring a professional will be worth it if you don’t have much time or don’t want to do it yourself.

Window cleaning is probably one of the most expensive tasks that need your attention. If you have a large house with several windows, this service would cost around £25 per hour. If your windows are very dirty and stained, then you should expect to pay more than that.

Upholstery cleaning is another essential service as dirt and dust stick on fabrics quite easily. The average cost for upholstery cleaning is about £12 per hour.

If you’re thinking of cleaning your oven after completing the kitchen renovation, this service would cost around £49-60 per appliance.

Similarly, fridge cleaning is one of the most common services professional house cleaners offer. This service can cost you £12 depending on the size of your fridge and how many objects are inside it.

Most people choose after builder cleaning service after they have some renovation done in their home or office space. The price for builders cleaning starts at £14 per hour. However, depending on how many rooms you want to clean and how much work you need for each room, it can go higher. Other services include floor cleaning and carpet cleaning, which cost £15 and (£25- £35) respectively. If you’re looking to renovate your house, you can also check out the house extension costs and services on Bark.

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What Affects the Cost of House Cleaning?

The cost of house cleaning can vary significantly based on some factors. The following points are some of the most common factors that can impact the cost of house cleaning:

  • Location

The cost of house cleaning can vary depending on where you live. For example, if you live in an urban area with high rents and property values, your house cleaner may charge more than someone who works in a rural area with lower living costs. The same holds for commercial properties such as restaurants and office buildings. You’ll probably pay more for business cleaning if your business is in an expensive downtown area or close to an airport. However, you won’t have to pay much in a less-expensive suburban location.

  • Cleaning Type

There are several types of cleaning: standard, deep, and move-in/move-out. A standard cleaning removes dirt from surfaces (like countertops) but doesn’t involve deep scrubbing or washing down walls or floors. Besides, it is usually enough for most people, though if you have pets or children who make messes frequently, you may want to opt for deep cleaning instead. Deep cleaning goes beyond just wiping down surfaces; it involves using professional chemicals like bleach and ammonia to get rid of the dirt that has built up over time.

  • Condition of Your House

The condition of your house will affect how much it costs to clean your home up. If you have pets, kids, or other messy people in the household, it will be more expensive to clean your house than if there are not around. This is because pet hair and dust mites can be difficult to get out of carpets and furniture. The more messes there are in the house, the more time it takes to clean them up and the more expensive it becomes. Deep cleaning involves more time and effort than standard cleaning; therefore, it costs more. However, getting a standard cleaning done would be better if you want to save money on this service.

  • Cleaning Frequency

The frequency with which you want your house cleaned also affects the cost. If you want weekly cleaning, you’ll pay less than what you would if you only want quarterly cleaning done. This is because monthly or bi-monthly deep cleaning costs more. Besides, there’s more work involved in organizing everything again. It also takes longer for them to finish the job because they have less time between visits to do so.

  • Size of Your House

The size of your home matters because it affects how quickly cleaners can get through it. When they work in large homes, they also move furniture and dust behind furniture that may not be visible to you. This is why larger homes might cost more to clean than smaller ones. Besides, it takes longer to complete their work because they have more surfaces to clean.

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How Can You Save Money on House Cleaning?

House cleaning is a necessary part of any home. Hiring a professional house cleaner can be the best option if you have a busy schedule and don’t have the time or energy to clean your home. However, this can be expensive. You can save money on house cleaning by using these tips;

  • Compare Quotes From Different Cleaners

Comparing quotes from different cleaners can help you find your home’s most cost-effective cleaning service. Start by asking friends and family members if they know anyone who cleans houses in your area. If they do, ask them to give you three names of companies that offer this type of service in your area. Then call each company and ask about their hourly rates, room costs, and extra charges for after-hour work. The best way to get an accurate quote is to ask how long it would take to clean a standard room.

  • Choose Specific Rooms for Cleaning

You can reduce the cost of hiring a professional cleaner by choosing specific rooms for cleaning instead of having them clean your whole house at once. For example, if you only need help with dusting and vacuuming, you can ask them to do this rather than doing everything else at once. This way, you will save money because these companies usually charge less than full-service cleaners do for their services.

  • Use Your Own Cleaning Products and Equipment

One of the easiest ways to save money on house cleaning is by using your own supplies. You don’t have to use the same products or equipment as the cleaning service. You can bring your supplies, including mops, brooms, vacuums, and buckets. If you’re using chemicals for sanitizing or disinfecting purposes, ensure they’re safe for everyone in your house. You can also use homemade cleaners instead of store-bought ones. Ensure they’re effective at removing stains from your home’s countertops, appliances, floors, and other areas.

  • Do It Yourself

Hiring a professional is expensive, but if you can handle the responsibility, it may be possible for you to clean your home yourself. By doing so, you’ll save money over time. Besides, plenty of online resources and even books teach you how to clean your home effectively and efficiently. For example, you can choose to use vinegar and baking soda to clean your kitchen and bathroom tiles.

You can also use lemon juice instead of bleach when cleaning your kitchen countertops, bathroom sink, or tubs. These methods are not only safe for kids and pets and cost less than commercial cleaning products, which often contain toxic chemicals. Hence, they can hurt your health, as well as the environment.

  • Hire Cleaners Regularly

If you prefer not to clean your own home or if it is just too big for you to do it all yourself, consider hiring cleaners regularly. You can hire them weekly or monthly, so they’re always available when you need them. You will pay less per hour than if you hired someone to come in every time there is a mess that needs cleaning. If you have children or pets in your home, they may be more messy than usual when they are left unsupervised. If this happens often enough, it might make sense for you to hire someone regularly. They can take care of these messes before they get out of hand and make a bigger mess later.

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Is House Cleaning a Great Choice for Me?

House cleaning is an excellent choice for busy people who don’t have the time to clean their homes. It’s also a great option for those who aren’t confident about their cleaning skills. House cleaning has its share of pros and cons.

Thus, if you’re considering a house cleaner for your home, here are some benefits and pitfalls of hiring someone to clean your home.

Advantages of House Cleaning Services

  • Eliminate Germs and Bacteria

A professional house cleaner has completed training courses on using the right products for your home. They will use a disinfectant that will eliminate germs and bacteria. This can protect you from getting sick or spreading germs throughout your home. You may not have time to clean as often as necessary, or you may not know how to clean each room in your home properly. Thus, a professional cleaner can tell you what products are best suited for the rooms in your home. They will also provide you with valuable tips on how to keep them looking great all year long.

  • Saves Time

Cleaning your house can be time-consuming, especially if you have large rooms or lots of furniture. It can also be difficult when you have kids/pets running around, causing messes everywhere they go. Hiring a professional house cleaner means you no longer have to worry about doing everything yourself. They will make sure that every inch of your home is spotless. Hence, you can enjoy living there without worrying about germs or dirt getting into any part of it.

  • Reduce Pet Oduor

This is one of the main advantages of hiring a house cleaning service. If you have pets in your house, you know how much they can stink up everything around them, especially if they have accidents on the floor or furniture. Even if you clean the mess immediately, that smell can linger for days, if not weeks. However, with a professional cleaning service, they will make sure to deep clean all areas where there is a possibility of pet odour lingering. They will also use special products to help eliminate odours and prevent them from returning.

  • Prevent Stress and Fatigue

Another advantage of hiring a professional house cleaning service is that it can save you stress and fatigue. Many people would like to clean their homes themselves but don’t have the time for it because they work full-time jobs outside their homes. This leaves them with only two options: hire help or do nothing! Hiring someone else to clean your home will give you more free time. Hence, you can spend more time with family instead of working around the house all day.

  • No Room for Moulds

When you live in a house, there is always a chance that it will get dirty over time. If you do not clean your house regularly, then moulds can form in hard-to-reach places. These moulds can be dangerous for your health and cause allergies. The best way to avoid them is by hiring professionals who specialize in cleaning houses. They use advanced equipment and solutions that kill all the moulds. Therefore, your home always stays clean without any risk to your health or hygiene.

  • You Won’t Buy Supplies

It is true that you would save money if you purchase all the supplies needed for cleaning your home. However, this may not always be possible, especially if you don’t have enough cash on hand or don’t want to spend more money on buying cleaning supplies than expected. It could get expensive to buy these items from the market, especially if you want them in bulk quantities. With professional cleaners, they will provide all the necessary items they need for cleaning your home.

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Disadvantages of House Cleaning Services

  • Expensive than Do-It-Yourself

Hiring a professional cleaner is often more expensive than doing it yourself. It’s true that you’ll save money on supplies and equipment. However, the hourly rate for cleaning services tends to be higher than what you’d pay for renting equipment or buying supplies. You may find yourself paying more if your home is particularly large or messy. You could also incur higher costs if the cleaners need extra time to complete everything.

  • Some May Use Harmful Chemicals

House cleaning services use different methods to clean your home, including chemical cleaning products like bleaches, soaps, detergents, and disinfectants. These chemicals can be unsafe for pets, kids, or ill people and can cause serious health problems if they come in contact with your skin or eyes. Some even have toxic fumes that can affect your lungs if inhaled in large quantities.

  • It Can Be Hard to Trust the Cleaners

If you’re hiring someone to clean your home, there’s always a risk that they will steal something from your house. This is mostly true if you reside in an area where crime rates are high or if your cleaners are coming from outside of the area. One way around this is by putting everything away before they come. This way, there won’t be anything valuable lying on surfaces where those with sticky fingers can easily grab them. Furthermore, if you do decide to hire a house cleaner, make sure to check references. You can ask about previous clients’ experiences with them before hiring them for your home.

How Can I Find and Hire a Professional House Cleaner?

Look at customer reviews before hiring a house cleaner. The reviews can give you an idea of how their clients feel about their services. You will know whether they were happy with their overall experience or not. Also, take note of any negative comments or complaints about any specific service provider in particular or the industry as a whole. You may avoid those companies altogether or ask them why they have received so many complaints.

Ask family, friends, and coworkers for suggestions of their favourite house cleaners. Moreover, you can also ask them if they have suggestions for cleaning products that work best in their home. Keeping an open mind is key here. While you might love a certain detergent or carpet cleaner brand, someone else might not have the same experience. The more recommendations, the better chance you have of finding someone who will be able to meet your needs and expectations.

If the two methods don’t work, reach out to Bark to help you find the best cleaners. Bark is an online marketplace where homeowners can find professional cleaners in their area by posting requests on its website or app. The site also allows you to rate the quality of work the cleaners provide after completing the job. Hence, others can see how well their services are before deciding to hire them. You can also use bark for other services like tree removals.

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Ensuring a House Cleaning Professional Is a Perfect Choice

Since you want to hire a professional house cleaner, you don’t want to hire the wrong one. It’s crucial to find someone trustworthy and reliable, with experience in the field, and who will do an excellent job. Here are some tips on how to find and hire a professional house cleaner:

  • Have an Agreement

You should create a written contract that outlines exactly what services they will provide, how much they will cost, and how often they will do them. An agreement between you and your cleaner can help protect both parties if something goes wrong while working together. If there’s no agreement in place, it’s possible that one of you could come up short if something doesn’t work out as planned. Make sure that both of you understand the responsibilities under the contract so that nothing gets lost in translation later on.

  • Conduct an Interview

You should also interview each potential cleaner before hiring them. This will allow you to ask any queries about the company’s policies and procedures before making your final decision. You can ask them about their experience with cleaning homes and what kind of equipment they use during their jobs. Moreover, enquire about their experience in working with animals and children. This is because they’ll spend a lot of time in your home, and they should ensure that their work will not harm the members of your house.

  • Have Insurance

A good cleaning service will have insurance coverage for accidents that may happen while they’re working in your home. You don’t want blame games if an accident occurs because of poor safety practices or lack of training on the part of your cleaner. Hiring an insured professional cleaner is one way to ensure that you won’t be held responsible for any damage or injury while cleaning your home.

  • Confirm If They Do Background Checks

One major thing you should focus on while hiring a professional house cleaner is to assess whether they perform thorough background checks on their employees. The best cleaning companies will run criminal background checks and have an employee screening policy. This ensures they only hire qualified individuals for the job. Moreover, your home will be safe from potential hazards like theft or vandalism during the cleaning process.

Final Checklist

An excellent way to ensure that your house is in good condition is by using a checklist. A checklist will help you perform all the tasks necessary to ensure that your home is in pristine condition. The following are some important items that you should check off your final house cleaning checklist:

  • Know the type of service you want
  • Identify the rooms you want to clean
  • Ask for referrals or check client reviews before you settle for a cleaner
  • Choose the type of cleaning professional you want to hire
  • Opt for regular cleaning to lower your cost

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FAQs Regarding House Cleaning 

  1. Why should I pay for house cleaning?

You will have more free time; you won’t need to worry about all those chores that always seem to pile up. Besides, you can use this time for yourself or your family, read a book, go out with friends, exercise, etc. The second reason is that a professional house cleaning company will do a much better job than you can ever hope to achieve. An expert knows what products are safe for your family and environment. They understand how to clean effectively without damaging your belongings and eliminate dust mites/ other allergens in your home. They also know how to avoid spreading germs between rooms using proper techniques when vacuuming or mopping floors.

  1. How can I choose the right house cleaning professional?

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a good house cleaner. If you know someone who had their house cleaned, ask them for their recommendation. If they are happy with their service and have no complaints, it’s a good sign that you will be satisfied.

Another way is through online reviews: Google reviews, Yelp reviews, and others are all useful sources of information. Look at the number of reviews a company has received and see what people say about their experiences with that business.

When choosing a cleaning service provider, it’s important to confirm that they offer bonded and insured services. Hence, you don’t have to worry about paying for damages done during or after a cleaning session. Also, ensure the firm does background checks on all staff members before hiring them. This is an essential safety precaution for your family’s health and security.

  1. Should I be present at home during a house cleaning?

It’s up to you. Some people love having their house cleaned and getting to know the cleaners at the same time. Others prefer not to be home. Some people don’t like the idea of strangers in their homes. If you’re unsure how you feel, ask yourself: What would make you feel more comfortable. If you want to be present during the cleaning, plan to leave when it’s time for the cleaner to start work.

Be sure to tell them you’ll be back in a bit so they don’t think you’ve left them high and dry. You may also want to have someone at home during the cleaning if pets or children are in the house. If pets are present, confirm if the service workers went for training on how to handle animals safely and securely before allowing them into your home.

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