How to Keep on Track of Your Fitness Goals in the Comfort of Your Home

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Working out from home can be very difficult for some people. When you go to the gym or other fitness classes, you have other people who unknowingly push you to keep going, and you also have the instructor who will tell you to keep going no matter how much you want to give up. 

Unfortunately, the way things are right now, with gyms closed and fitness largely taking place indoors, you are your own instructor and motivator, which makes keeping on track of your goals very challenging. You must not give up, though. If you are truly determined to achieve a goal, then you can do it, whether or not you have others pushing you and motivating you. 

In this article, we will advise you on how to keep on track of your fitness goals in the comfort of your own home.

Remind Yourself That Every Day Counts

Fitness is a journey, and you should not be too difficult on yourself. Oftentimes, people will struggle as they keep thinking of the finishing line rather than focusing on the actual day to day journey and the process they are going through. You must not forget to celebrate every day and each small victory rather than overly focusing on your main fitness goal.

Do Not Buy Junk Food

Diet is key to keep on track of your fitness goal. This is more important than the exercise itself, as you may not see any results if you do not have a proper diet in place. Some people struggle with not being able to eat healthy food, or they easily succumb to their midnight cravings for sweet and savory snacks. The best way to not eat junk food is to not have it easily accessible to you in your home. If you know you want to focus on diet, then make sure that you do not buy any unhealthy food. This can be a bit of a challenge if you have children, but they too can start eating healthy snacks with you. Replace sweets with fruit such as grapes, and reduce the number of sugary treats in the house.

Keep Track of Your Nutrition

As we mentioned above, diet is the number one factor contributing to how well you achieve your fitness goals. However, sometimes, people take general information and apply it to their lifestyle. Everyone’s body is different, and everyone will require different things as they will have different goals. Some people want to lose weight while others want to gain, others solely want to build stamina or muscle mass. No matter what your fitness goal is, you must improve your nutrition knowledge and keep track of your calories. There are many online applications that you can use that will tell you exactly how many daily calories you should be consuming to achieve your goal, and you will be able to input what you eat throughout the day. Sometimes people fail to see results because they are not nourishing their body with the nutrients it needs.

Have a Fitness Calendar

Most of us human beings are visual people, and keeping on track of your fitness journey can be frustrating as you may not see the results yourself in your body. This is why it helps to have a fitness calendar, where you can see where you have started, then add different stepping stones in your calendar to achieve. Also, have your ‘deadline’ where you want your body to be at the end of a certain amount of time. It should go without saying that this goal and timeframes should be realistic so that you do not struggle to achieve it.

Appoint an Accountability Friend

Staying motivated to do something is challenging. We may often find ourselves saying, ‘I did a good workout, so I deserve a slice of cake’. This is an excuse for poor behavior, but we aim to justify it so that we do not feel guilty about it. It is important to have a friend that will positively challenge us and ensure that we remain on our journey, and will make us accountable for our actions. They will tell us that eating the cake may feel good now, but it will make the good workout we had useless.

Do Not be Hard on Yourself

The most important thing to remain on track with your fitness journey is to be gentle with yourself. Do not starve your body, and do not work out if your body does not feel like it. Remember that your body also needs to rest as part of your fitness goals.

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Going through a fitness change can be a difficult process, not just physically but certainly mentally too, as you require strong will power to keep going. Make sure to follow some of the tips discussed above to ensure that you keep on track of your fitness goals in the comfort of your own home. 


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