Kremer’s Corner: Many elephants needed to tame Trump

In the next few weeks, the famous Ringling Bros. circus will cease to exist, ending a history that dates back to 1884.

The circus has provided fun and excitement to millions of youngsters, but it incurred the wrath of animal rights advocates and that was enough to put it out of business.

The big question now is what will happen to all those elephants that have entertained in the center ring?

Happily, many of them will be sent to animal sanctuaries and zoos. But others may be homeless and that is a dilemma that can be solved.

There are a lot of places that the elephants can go, but Washington D.C. is probably the best place.

No matter where you look whether it’s the Oval office, the Senate or the House, there is a need for more proverbial elephants in the room to act as a reminder of unfinished business and the chaos that has made our nation’s capital a real animal house.

Let’s start with the President’s office. There are probably a dozen or so that could occupy the space as a reminder of failed immigration policies, a lack of a real health care policy, a failure to propose a national infrastructure plan,potential conflicts of interest  and a so-called tax revision proposal.

Each and every one of those elephants in the room would serve as a stark reminder that President Trump still doesn’t have a clue about how to govern.

Thanks to the firing of FBI Director James Comey, there is a need for another elephant to remind the President that aggravating the intelligence community is a proven way to get booted out of office.

Over in the House of Representatives, a real health care plan, not the one they passed, requires at least one elephant.

That same animal would be a stark reminder that the administration in power loses seats in the mid term elections unless it cleans up its act. With three factions in the Republican House, the future looks pretty bleak.

The House could have gotten a new health-care bill passed if an effort was made to woo some Democrats, but instead the leadership got into bed with the Freedom Caucus and all they got for the experience is screaming town hall meetings and other headaches.

The elephant over in the Senate has to be the shadow of President Trump, creating daily chaos in the country.

Just when things were settling down, the President gave new credibility to the claims about Russian interference in the recent election.

By firing the FBI Director, with no notice to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the President has made each day just a little harder for the senators, who are trying to stay on good terms with the President.

Can you imagine being a U.S. Senator and seeing the President welcoming Russia’s leaders to his office, at the same time that Mr. Trump is denying any cozy relationship with Russia?

At least one elephant can be parked in Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s office.

That elephant symbolizes last year’s failed election, which cost the Democrats the White House and the chance to run the Senate.

The Democrats need to regain the confidence of the millions of people who abandoned them in the 2016 election and voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton.

The party needs a message that resonates with blue-collar voters and formally loyal voters, who abandoned them.

There is an old adage that “an elephant never forgets.”

However, in the case of our national government, the new crop of elephants in the room is a brutal reminder that our government is in a state of continuing chaos and the business of the people remains untouched and unfinished.

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