Lake Success approves room use for ex residents

The Lake Success Board of Trustees voted Monday to allow former village residents limited use of the Social Activity Center in the Village Club building for an annual fee of $250.
The village will now allow former residents to bring up to three guests for recreational activities held in the Social Activity Center as well as the dining room, officials said.
Previously, former residents were only allowed to use the dining room for the $250 fee, but the village has received inquiries about using the Social Activity Center, which current residents often use for parties and card games, village Trustee Gene Kaplan said.
Patrick Farrell, the village administrator, said it does not matter how long ago a person lived in the Village of Lake Success, a community with about 3,000 residents in less than two square miles.
Many inquiries about the room are coming from the neighboring residential gated community of North Shore Towers, a complex located next to the Long Island Jewish Medical Center on the Grand Central Parkway, trustees said.
The initial request was from a former resident who currently lives in North Shore Towers and asked about playing cards at the Social Activity Center.
Lake Success Mayor Adam Hoffman and other trustees said the change should be fair to current residents who want to use the facilities, as former residents would sometimes bring six or seven guests at a time.
Current village residents pay $5,000 to $20,000 annually in property taxes, which help maintain the building, Hoffman said.
“So the fact of being a former resident goes out the window very quickly,” he said.
The dining room in the Village Club building, which is adjacent to the Lake Success golf course, is used as a catering hall and restaurant for current and former residents.

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