Board of Trustees, Public Hearing


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that the Board of Trustees will hold a Public Hearing on Monday, September 25, 2017, at 8:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as possible, at the Village Hall, 494 Willis Avenue, Williston Park, NY for the purpose of considering the adoption of the following Local Law:
Local Law No. 2 of 2017 entitled: ‘A Local Law Adopting A Six-Month Moratorium On Processing And Issuing Permits For Telecommunications Facilities Within The Village Of Williston Park.’ This local law will establish a six-month moratorium on the issuance of any special use permit or other any other permit with regard to any telecommunications facility within the Village. The moratorium shall not apply to the processing of applications, issuance of permits, or construction of a telecommunications facility for which a special use permit under Section 230-14.1 of the Village Zoning Code was issued prior to the adoption of the local law. In the event of unnecessary hardship, an application for relief may be made to the Board of Appeals for a use variance.
This local law will take effect immediately upon filing with the Secretary of State.
A copy of said local law is available for review at the Village Hall during business hours.
Julie Kain
Village Clerk-Treasurer
Dated: September 6, 2017
Williston Park, NY
WT #146650
1x 09/15​/2017 #146650


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