Legal Notice
By the Grace of God Free and Independent
TO: Raymond Gregg
Albert Gregg
Maryanne DePirro
Joann Grip
Margaret Weber
William Morrissey
Kathleen Morales
Kenneth D. Wallace
Scott M. Wallace
Attorney General of the State of New York
SureTec Insurance Company
Grassi & Co.
and any and all unknown persons whose names or parts of whose names and whose place or places of residence are unknown and cannot after diligent inquiry be ascertained, distributees, heirs-at-law and next-ofkin of the said JOSEPH GREGG, deceased, and if any of the said distributees named specifically or as a class be dead, their legal representatives, their husbands or wives, if any, distributees and successors in interest whose names and​/​or places of residence and post office addresses are unknown and cannc t after diligent inquiry be ascertained
A petition having been duly filed by Public Administrator of Nassau County, who is domiciled at 240 Old Country Road, Mineola, New York 11501, United States.
YOU ARE HEREBY CITED TO SHOW CAUSE before the Surrogate’s Court, Nassau County, at 262 Old Country Road, Mineola, New York, on June 21, 2017 at 9:30 o’clock in the fore noon of that day,
why the account of Public Administrator of Nassau County, a summary of which has been served herewith, as Administrator of the estate of Joseph Albert Gregg, should not be judicially settled.
[X] Further relief sought (if any):
1. Releasing and discharging the Petitioner from all liability, responsibility and accountability as to all matters set forth in the account of proceedings;
2. Allowing the commissions of the Petitioner in the amount of $21,656.10 pursuant to SCPA 2307(1) and the reasonable and necessary expenses of the office in the amount of $5,887.68 pursuant to SCPA 1207(4);
3. Fixing and determining the attorney’s fees of Mahon, Mahon, Kerins & O’Brien, LLC attorney for petitioner in the amount of $35,356.25 of which $8,556.25 has been paid and $26,800.00 is unpaid together with disbursements totaling $100.00 all of which have been paid;
4. Fixing and determining the accounting fees of Grassi & Co, CPA’s, PC in the amount of $1,250.00 of which NONE has been paid and $1,250.00 is unpaid;
5. Releasing and discharging the surety;
6. Directing the net estate be paid to the New York State Comptroller on account for the unknown next of kin of JOSEPH GREGG, decedent;
7. Granting such other and further relief as to the Court is just and proper.
Dated, Attested, and Sealed,
April 19, 2017
Hon. Margaret C. Reilly,
Debra Keller Leimbach,
Chief Clerk
Richard T. Kerins, Esq.
Mahon, Mahon, Kerins & O’Brien, LLC
254 Nassau Blvd.,
Garden City South, New York 11530
(516) 538-1111
NOTE: This citation is served upon you as required by Law. You are not required to appear. If you fail to appear it will be assumed that you do not object to the relief requested. You have a right to have an attorney appear for you, and you or your attorney may request a copy of the full account from the petitioner or petitioner’s attorney.
WT #145799
4x 05/05, 05/12, 05/19, 05/26/2017    #145799


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