PUBLIC NOTICE The Annual Financial Report is hereby made by the HERRICKS UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT, Town of North Hempstead, New York for fiscal year ended June 30, 2020 pursuant to Section 1721 of the Education Law. GENERAL FUND Balance 7/1/19: 20,152,424 Revenues Real Property Taxes: 92,197,085 Other Tax Items-Including Star: 8,745,939 Charges for Services: 1,618,751Use of Money & Property: 823,853 Sale of Property & Compensation for Loss: 30,635Miscellaneous: 256,580Interfund Revenue: 753State Sources: 12,496,716Medicaid Reimbursement: 203,501ExpendituresGeneral Support: 14,035,275Instruction: 65,377,405Pupil Transportation: 3,093,410Community Service: 151,872Employee Benefits: 25,460,866Debt Service-Principal: 2,917,866Debt Service-Interest: 541,764Other Financing Sources And (Uses)Operating Transfers Out: 582,670Net Change in Fund Balance: 4,212,685Balance 6/30/20: 24,365,109SPECIAL AID FUNDBalance 7/1/19: 0RevenuesMiscellaneous: 18,609State Sources: 821,978Federal Sources: 975,471ExpendituresInstruction: 1,865,253Pupil Transportation: 118,103Community Service: 219,062Other Financing Sources And (Uses)Operating Transfers In: 386,360Net Change in Fund Balance: 0Balance 6/30/20: 0DEBT SERVICE FUND Balance 7/1/19: 591,850RevenuesUse of Money and Property: 24,424Net Change in Fund Balance: 24,424Balance 6/30/20: 616,274SCHOOL LUNCH FUNDBalance 7/1/19: (104,665)RevenuesSales: 835,862State Sources: 13,353Federal Sources: 167,963Surplus Food: 101,452 Miscellaneous: 257Use of Money and Property: 1,511Expenditures Cost of Cafeteria Sales: 1,335,515Other Financing Sources And (Uses)Operating Transfers In: 31,310Net Change in Fund Balance: (183,807)Balance 6/30/20: (288,472)CAPITAL FUNDBalance 7/1/19: (4,806,093)RevenuesMiscellaneous: 40,000ExpendituresCapital Outlay: 2,012,971Other Financing Sources And (Uses)BANs redeemed by appropriations: 30,000Operating Transfers In: 165,000Net Change in Fund Balance: (1,777,971)Balance 6/30/20: (6,584,064)The full text of the Annual Report as filed with the State Education Department is available forpublic inspection at the Office of the District Clerk, Administration Building, 999 Herricks Road,New Hyde Park, N.Y. 11040 during normal school hours.By Order of the Board of Education HERRICKS UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT Lisa Rutkoske, CPAAssistant Superintendent for Business


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