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Manhasset Union Free School District

The 2019 annual School Breakfast Program survey of elementary schools has been completed. The purpose of this survey is to determine the level of interest in a school breakfast program in the district’s elementary schools. There is a mandate from New York State requiring school districts to offer breakfast in their elementary schools unless a survey of parents indicates a lack of interest in a breakfast program.

59% of the surveys were completed and returned. Only 9% of Munsey Park respondents and 11% of Shelter Rock respondents indicated their children would eat breakfast in school on a regular basis if the program was available. In order for the State to grant a waiver to the School Breakfast Program, we must have a response rate of at least 30% with at least 80% of those responses indicating a lack of interest in the breakfast program. Based on the responses received, Manhasset Union Free School District intends to apply for a waiver for the school breakfast program for the 2019/2020 school year.

This issue will be placed on the April 16, 2019 Board of Education Agenda for the public input. For more information, parents are asked to call the Manhasset Schools’ Business Office at 267-7723.

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