NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING: Town of North Hempstead​—​Board of Zoning Appeals


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Town of North Hempstead​—​Board of Zoning Appeals

Pursuant to the provisions of the Code of the Town of North Hempstead, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Zoning Appeals of said Town will meet at Town Hall, 220 Plandome Road, Manhasset, New York, on Wednesday, August 14, 2019, to consider any matters that may properly be heard by said Board, and will hold a public hearing on said date to consider applications and appeals.

The following cases will be called at said public hearing starting at 10:00 a.m.

APPEAL #20752 ​​ Jose Teixeira, variances 70-49.B & 70-100.1B to construct a new two-story single-family home exceeding the permitted GFA and having a detached garage within a secondary front yard and having insufficient secondary front and side yard setbacks; N/Side #259 Mineola Ave., 100.00’ W/of Silver Lake Blvd., between Mineola Ave. and Broadway, Carle Place, Sec. 10, Blk. 8, Lot 30, R-C District.

APPEAL #20787​—​Rose Pierre, variances 70-50.C, 70-101.B, and 70-100.2.A(4)(a)[5] to maintain additions and a roofed over porch within a required front yard setback and fencing exceeding the permitted height; S/side 676 Dryden St., 440’ E/of Tennyson Ave., Westbury, Sec. 10, Blk. 54, Lot 3179, R-C District.

APPEAL #20768​—​Broadway Mike LLC, variances 70-47.1(D) and 70-51.A to subdivide a property into 2 lots with insufficient lot width and maintain a dwelling on a lesser lot within a required side yard setback; S/W​/​cor. 157 Broadway and Covert St., Westbury, Sec. 11, Blk. 99, Lots 12-15 and 41, R-C District.

APPEAL #20791​—​Iglesia Evangelica Apostoles Y Profetas Efe 2:20 of Westbury, appeal for determination, or in the alternative, special exception 70-231 and variances 70-103.A(1) and 70-103.M to maintain an existing church meeting room with insufficient on-site parking and parking within a required front yard setback and a public assembly​/​residential mixed use; S/W​/​cor. #814 Prospect Ave. & Sherman St., Westbury, Sec. 11, Blk. 89, Lot 87, B-A​/​New Cassel Overlay District.

APPEAL #20792​—​Mi Pais Food Market NY Corp., conditional use 70-126.F to construct alterations for the expansion of a deli; N/W​/​cor. #1001-1005 Prospect Ave. and State St., Westbury, Sec. 11, Blk. 122, Lot 46, B-A​/​New Cassel Overlay District.

The full list of cases for this calendar may be obtained at All interested persons should appear and will be given an opportunity to be heard at such meeting and​/​or hearing.

DAVID MAMMINA, R.A., Chairman; Board of Zoning Appeals

WT #151655

1x 8/2/2​019 #151655


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