What makes the ‘cream of the crop’ of top realtors today?

I have had many, many realtors work with me over the years and I have noticed that there are attributes that are unique to those that I would label “Top Producers.”

They have a specific way of doing business and are always accountable for their actions in whatever venue they may be in, whether it be working for a seller, investor, purchaser, renter or lessee of residential or commercial properties.

They exude that special something that enables them to attract and connect to people in a way that most cannot; they are able to develop rapport and sometimes long term relationships and friendships with their clients!

Some of my best and closest friends were my customers and associates from many years ago. That’s one of the reasons that I truly am passionate and have a love for my business.

I find every day is different and I discover new and exciting situations to explore, search out and be able to solve issues and problems by relying on industry professionals, contractors, expediters (they do the paperwork to resolve violations, permit and C.O. issues), lawyers, bank attorneys, mortgage brokers and bankers, title companies, etc. and finally at the end, coming to the closing table to reap the earned rewards and at the same moment knowing you have done a exemplary job and that all sellers and purchasers are satisfied and happy with my results of the services that I have provided.

The testimonials that we receive online on Zillow.com and Yelp.com and Li-RealEstate.Com are a testament to the way we go about doing our business, one customer at a time. Another characteristic of a true successful professional broker or salesperson, is that he or she wakes up each day with a positive attitude, because attitude determines their altitude, when it comes down to their achievements on a daily basis.

As I have mentioned in a previous article, Phil’s 6 P’s are: proper, planning, prevents, piss, poor, performance!

We strive each day to practice this concept, some days we may fall off the wagon, that’s only human, but as we say, tomorrow is another day for improving and excelling and moving forward to be a better Realtor! Remember Babe Ruth “The Babe” hit 714 home runs, without any drugs or enhancements in less games than all the rest in baseball history, but struck out 1,440 times to attain that monumental achievement!

Top producers will never follow the crowd, because the crowd is generally misinformed, ignorant of the many facts that they need to know, understand, absorb and apply in real estate.

There is a saying “practice makes perfect”, but you have to believe this in your heart and soul in order to perform and be exceptional and stand out from the crowd.

Showing up is 90 percent of the battle and that is what we do everyday!

I remember on Aug. 1, 2015, I rented a home to Sir Michael Caine in Sands Point.

It was the ultimate compliment to me and our company that he (and his brother-in-law) chose us to find him a home for just 28 days, while he shot a movie in Williamsburg and Bethpage.

The effort that was exerted was over the top, but then again, when does one get that kind of opportunity, once in a lifetime, maybe?

I went through several homes after figuring out and pinpointing their exact needs and wants for their short-term rental.

The story is a bit long, so I won’t get into at this point, but you can always call me and I will tell you briefly what had happened to get to the satisfying and successful ending. Another crucial habit that is attached to a top agent, is to disclose all necessary and required information whether it be to their client seller, customer purchaser or investors. Too much is hidden, disguised or candy coated today, because the truth hurts and sometimes you, as the agent, might not make that deal, but the sellers, buyers or investors, won’t be hurt either and the honesty and respect that one will gain, will go a very long way to earning & receiving future referrals and new business.

The old adage is, “honesty is your best policy.”

Unfortunately today we are inundated with misinformation as well as inaccurate as well as truthful dialogue too. But many times it’s challenging to decipher it all through all the noise and confusion; and one must search near and far to find those that will do the “right thing.”

It’s a rare quality, to find those individuals and companies, that will step up to the plate and who will perform and live up to the expectations of a professional, regardless of the outcome.

However, one will grow a massive following of believers and rock solid clients and customers near and far when the business is constantly striving to improve and fine tune itself, to provide top notch services to the public!

When your broker provides the necessary support and training as we do, then the impossible for most becomes possible in becoming the best you can be, a “top producer.” Believe me, it doesn’t happen overnight, but it can occur at a faster pace, if you gain the knowledge, absorb, perform, practice and apply those things that make and keep you at the top of your game and perform at his or her optimum, day in and day out.
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