Felix Sater sells Sands Point home

Felix Sater's Sands Point home was sold for just over $2 million. (Photo courtesy of Multiple Listing Service Long Island)

Felix Sater, former Sands Point resident and alleged negotiator for President Donald Trump, sold his Sands Point home for just over $2 million on Feb. 8, according to property records.

The ranch-style home was put on the market in 2017 for around $2.5 million.

His former home, sitting on 2 acres, features two outdoor brick patios and a pool. On its single floor, there are 10 rooms, of those four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

Sater moved to Los Angeles in February 2018 where he shipped his Porsche and met regularly with two Buzzfeed reporters in an effort to clear his name from the ongoing Trump investigation.

Sater has been identified by multiple media outlets as “Individual-2,” a title that is seen frequently in Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller’s court filings.

The real estate mogul has been accused of being Trump’s former attorney Michael D. Cohen’s main contact in Russia when attempting to broker a deal for a Trump Tower in Moscow, a longtime real estate interest of Trump’s.

Cohen originally testified that communications between him and Sater regarding the deal halted in January 2016 but later confirmed that they continued through June 2016, after Trump had been declared the Republican candidate for the presidency.

Sater migrated to the U.S. as a Jewish refugee from the Soviet Union at the age of 7. He attended Pace University until he dropped out at 18. From there, he worked on Wall Street until the age of 25 when a bar fight in which he slashed a man’s face with a broken glass cost him his license.

To stay in the finance field, he formed his own company that claimed to buy and sell stock on the NASDAQ. Instead, Sater was running a “pump and dump” scheme where his company inflated stock prices and sold them off once investors started buying, according to court documents.

He pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering and was then enlisted by the FBI in 1998 as an informant where he “provided crucial intelligence information and assistance to numerous U.S. national security, intelligence and law enforcement agency,” according to a statement he provided to the House Intelligence Committee in December 2017.

In 2003, Sater joined Bayrock Group LLC, a luxury mortgage firm whose home office was on the 24th floor of Trump Tower in Manhattan,  two floors below the office of who the tower was named after and who Sater began to broker deals for, according to news reports.

Sater told the Los Angeles Times in an interview that he “was building Trump Towers by day and hunting Bin Laden at night.”

He is known locally for his work with the Chabad of Port Washington and was a recipient of the organization’s “Man of the Year” award.


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