Flower Hill postpones five local laws

Flower Hill postpones five local laws
Flower Hill Mayor Robert McNamara has died at 76. (Photo courtesy of the Village of Flower Hill)

The Village of Flower Hill held hearings on five proposed local laws during Tuesday’s Board of Trustees meeting but no action was taken on any of them.

“All of these public hearings are going to be adjourned to next month as per our village policy of having three readings of any law that are not necessary to enact immediately,” said village Administrator Ronnie Shatzkamer.

Local Law H, which would regulate wireless telecommunication facilities in Flower Hill, had its second hearing on Tuesday, which means the board would be able to approve it following the public hearing at the October hearing. The other four laws were introduced for the first time, meaning they could not be approved until November.

Local Law I would prohibit parking on both sides of Mason Drive from within 125 feet of Dartmouth Road to the village borderline. Shatzkamer said this might be a safety issue which would allow the village to pass it before three hearings were held, but Mayor Robert McNamara said it should be tabled at least once more.

“Let’s let it go one more round since people are just getting back from vacation,” he said.

The other three laws concerned changes to the village’s zoning laws and the municipal code.

Local Law J would require approval from the village’s Architectural Review Committee and final approval from the Board of Trustees for front yard fences. Local Law K would require flat patios to conform to the setback requirements of the zone in which they are located. Local Law L would require walkways — like driveways — that adjoin a residential property to be at least four feet away from the property line.

The village was supposed to receive an update from the county on road work being done on Port Washington Boulevard and Middle Neck Road, but McNamara said he had not heard from the county.

A resolution was approved for a written decision special exception for a change of use to the site plan at 1045 Northern Blvd.

Finally, the trustees approved a request from the Manhasset Women’s Coalition to hold a race through a portion of Flower Hill on Oct. 21.

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