Library investigation may wrap up this week

An investigation into a library director making comments perceived as racially insensitive at a violin recital may continue until next week, a Manhasset Public Library representative said. (Photo courtesy of The Island Now archives)

An investigation into a December incident at the Manhasset Public Library involving library Director Margaret Gough may be finished late this week, according to a representative from the library.

Violinist Roslyn Huang, who held a recital in the library’s community room for her music group, the Long Island Camerata, on Dec. 14, said that parents of her students told her that Gough had called the performers, many of whom were of Asian descent, “foreigners.” Huang also said that Gough complained about the catering, provided by Pearl East Restaurant, and threatened to fine her $20,000 for water spilled on a carpet.

Huang further said that two days later Gough canceled the Camerata’s contract for a similar recital in the spring. A petition was later created called “Eradicate Racism from the Manhasset Public Library,” which has received over 800 signatures.

Gough called the allegations “horrendous, deeply hurtful, and completely unfounded” in a statement two weeks ago and said that “legal counsel is requesting meetings with all those involved to determine if the facts in this matter have merit or are meritless,” a statement confirmed by the library’s publicist, Lisa Henderson, in early January.

In the months since the start of the investigation, former and current employees and co-workers of Gough have written statements in support of her. None of the statements explicitly discussed the incident on Dec. 14.

In a phone interview on Monday, Henderson said that the last time she spoke with the investigators, she was told the report was not complete.

“We’re not going to have the results until later,” Henderson said. “The team at the library told me it would be later this week, but I don’t have a date yet.” 


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