Plandome Road parking extended to two hours


Parking on Plandome Road in Manhasset has been extended to two hours from one by the North Hempstead Town Board.

At a meeting last Thursday, the board unanimously passed an ordinance changing the parking limit that had been proposed by Councilwoman Veronica Lurvey.

Stephanie Solomon, co-president of the Manhasset Chamber of Commerce, said during the meeting’s public hearing on the ordinance that the chamber had held “various meetings” with the town and the Manhasset Park District, and the ordinance’s passage would solve an issue for customers.

“The biggest complaint our merchants hear from our customers is that the one-hour parking limit on Plandome Road prevents them from patronizing more than one establishment without fear of a ticket. Thus it causes them to get in their car and ultimately leave Manhasset,” Solomon said. “By increasing the parking limit on Plandome Road to two hours, customers will be able to take advantage of more than one store.”

Solomon also addressed concerns over employees using the Plandome Road parking instead of designated merchant lots.

“We understand concerns have been raised that employees will be using this expanded time to park on Plandome Road,” Solomon said. “I can assure you that no merchant would ever allow a prime spot in front of their or another fellow store to be taken up by an employee and not open for a customer. That would be bad for business.”

Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth commended the chamber’s “tenacity” and reminded those gathered that the ordinance could be rescinded if negative effects resulted.

“If for some reason it turns out to not be an excellent decision, you can come back to us and revisit,” Bosworth said.


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