Readers Write: Nanette Melkonian – an ideal candidate for Port Washington’s Board of Education


With her experience, insight, and commitment, I cannot think of a more ideal candidate for Port Washington’s Board of Education than Nanette Melkonian.

I have gotten to know Nanette over the past several years through our work together in Port’s Advocacy for Gifted and Talented Education, where she has worked tirelessly to improve enrichment opportunities for all Port Washington students.

My respect for Nanette and my appreciation for the remarkable impact she makes in our community have only continued to grow the longer I have known her. She is one of those individuals that do more active listening than speaking, but when she speaks has something truly invaluable to say.

Her extensive knowledge of educational policy and her work within the school district over many years makes her well-positioned to make a positive impact as a board member.

Nanette’s background in teaching, her advocacy in the district, and seeing three kids of her own through the Port Washington schools give her a vast understanding of the issues our school community is facing. Nanette is keenly aware of the deep complexities of making change within a large and diverse school system, but nevertheless, has an unwavering commitment to bring about reforms that will benefit all students.

When Nanette raises concerns, she is always armed with extensive knowledge of the issues, empathy for all sides, and an awareness that there are many laws and regulations that impact the way a school district can work toward its goals. Furthermore, Nanette brings a positive outlook when working through problems that are challenging to solve.

As a guidance counselor and as a parent of an elementary school student, I am attuned to how much is at stake in this particular election in terms of the district’s ability to evolve and excel in the post-covid era. From seeing her “in action,” I have no doubt that Nanette Melkonian will be an incredible addition to our Board of Education, and I am grateful that she has decided to run!

Nancy Ziselman

Port Washington


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