Manhasset Park District celebrates its 100th year of service

Commissioner David Paterson, Past Commissioner Ann Marie Curd, Commissioner Mark Sauvigne, Commissioner Ken Weigand, MPD Attorney Robert Morici (Photo provided by Manhasset Park District)

The Manhasset Park District celebrated its 100th year of service. The milestone was highlighted by planting a magnificent Japanese Maple Tree at the Park Avenue Park.

On July 5, 1921, the MPD was founded by Josephine Boyer, James L. Dowsey, and Stephen H. Mason. Since that day, the Manhasset Park District’s focus has been a commitment to Manhasset, and a determination in keeping a beautiful, bountiful community.

Each elected commissioner and every employee, past and present, has continued to provide a hardworking effort to maintain the parks, and parking lots within Manhasset owned by the MPD.

The current board of commissioners – Mark Sauvigne, David Paterson, and Ken Weigand – said they are extremely proud to have dedicated workers. Much of the current staff has been employed for close to 20 years, and over the years, they have completed many beautification projects.

The 100th year celebration follows what may have been the hardest year yet. With so many unknowns the pandemic brought in 2020, the MPD staff continued to perform their duties as essential employees and worked every day to maintain a beautiful surrounding, while people were staying home and local. In 2020, the MPD was able to create “Heroes’ Plaza”, a local spot to outdoor dine under a shady tree, dedicated to the hardworking heroes during the COVID pandemic.

Also accomplished in 2020 was the overtaking of the garden landscape at the Manhasset LIRR. A sight for sore eyes for many years has now been transformed into a beautiful landscape that fits right into beautiful Manhasset.

Every employee has been crucial to the success of the MPD. Every constituent, merchant, and commuter has been important. The Manhasset Park Districts wants to thank you all for the last 100 years.

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