Mastering the innovator’s mindset in NHP-GCP

(Photo courtesy of the New Hyde Park-Garden City Park Union Free School District)

In a joint venture of professional development, the New Hyde Park-Garden City Park School District teamed up with neighboring Mineola Union Free School District to bring in writer, educator, and motivational speaker George Couros to work with teachers as part of Superintendent’s Conference Day on Nov. 5.

Through stories in his keynote address, Couros illustrated the importance for teachers to exhibit not just a growth mindset, but an innovator’s mindset, in order to effectively make connections and encourage next-level learning among students. Couros then spent the day working with teachers and administrators in breakout sessions and workshops to facilitate getting everyone to think differently and approach learning within the classroom in new ways.

Submitted by the New Hyde Park-Garden City Park Union Free School District

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