Readers Write: Neil Leiberman offers fresh ideas for Great Neck’s parks

Opportunity knocks auspiciously: Neal Leiberman is primed and percolating to enact a number of diverse ideas he has been pondering and discussing with Great Neck denizens concerning enriching their experiences in our community’s wonderful parks.  

His engagement in advocacy and thoughtfulness about securing further improvements without incurring undue costs, and remaining respectfully, fiscally conservative while endorsing community sponsored innovations is appealing and inviting of serious community responsiveness.  

His steadfast involvement with the parks and programs has been year in and year out over many seasons and many years. He cycles, sails, kayaks, and participates in other community events and is involved in the community in business and previously as a guidance counselor. 

His commitment in continuing to give back rich service to the community is truly admirable, wholesome and gratifyingly. This is an enthusiastic endorsement of his candidacy.

Harlan Spitz

Great Neck

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