New Hyde Park residents concerned about LIRR construction

New Hyde Park residents concerned about LIRR construction
Village of New Hyde Park Mayor Lawrence Montreuil. (Photo by Jed Hendrixson)

By Ethan Marshall

As the creation of the Long Island Railroad Expansion Project from Floral Park to Hicksville proceeds in New Hyde Park, lane closures for construction work on New Hyde Park Road have disrupted nearby residential streets.

At last Thursday’s Board of Trustees meeting, one resident said that the raucous noise from the pile driving and sledgehammering of the roads as early as 7 a.m. was very disturbing to him.

A family said the lane closures on New Hyde Park Road would lead to more traffic coming through their neighborhood. They also expressed frustration over the fact that construction vehicles were being parked on their street, with some being left there unattended for days. The residents also said the road work was causing their house to shake.

According to New Hyde Park Mayor Lawrence Montreuil, the construction work on New Hyde Park Road is still only in its early stages. He said he thinks there may be more issues in nearby neighborhoods as the construction progresses.

He recommended that the family reach out to 3rd Track Constructors, the company performing the work, about getting their home inspected since it was shaking. Montreuil said he will follow up with the company if the family asks him to.

Rainer Burger, a trustee liaison for 3rd Track Constructors,  said he addressed the issue of the construction vehicles being parked in residential neighborhoods after the meeting. He sent a note to the company Saturday.

“I noted the issue and requested they get the word to their site supervisors that this is a residential street, not a construction site,” Burger said.

Rather than parking in neighborhoods, Burger recommended the workers congregate at 112 Covert Ave. or in the triangle between New Hyde Park Road and Clinch Avenue.

Another concern shared by both the citizens and board of trustees concerning the road construction was the fact that while the south side of New Hyde Park Road had rat traps, there were not any on the north side, where rodents have been spotted in that area. One resident described a friend’s experience of having some rats come across her path while she was walking her dog.

Burger said he had asked 3rd Track Constructors to set up rat traps on the north side after last Thursday’s meeting.

“The rodent plan is fluid in such a way that it allows for adjustments as needed issues arise,” Burger said.

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