Board of education approves generator work


The Great Neck Public Schools Board of Education unanimously approved five change orders for the replacement of generators at the district’s South Complex.

At their meeting on Monday, the board said electrical service provider Facility Solutions Group, Inc., who the district has a contract with to replace the generators, discovered additional work was needed.

The first change order was for $26,609.49, which the district would pay, for additional conduit and cable lengths required for connection to the emergency generator and fire alarm remote annunciator panel, a document explaining the change orders said.

The second change order, the document said, was a $30,136.79 charge to relocate the common area generator to a location further away from the originally planned location.

“This was done to avoid interfering with existing fencing, tree roots, and other site features potentially creating conflicts with underground conduit and cabling,” the document said.

The third change order was for a $26,458.66 charge the district needed to pay as a result of the relocation of the common area generator because several ancillary circuits were impacted, the document said.

The fourth and fifth change orders were for credits of $6,464.40 and $2,490.73, respectively, that the district had with Facility Solutions which are subtracted from the new charges.

Originally, the contract between the district and Facility Solutions was for $1,017,000, but with the changes, the amended contract is now $1,091,249.81 — an increase of $74,249.81.

Also at the meeting, Great Neck Public Schools Superintendent Teresa Prendergast announced that Great Neck South High School would house a panel discussion on Nov. 23 featuring herself, member of the state Board of Regents tenth judicial district Roger Tilles, state Sen. Jack Martins, state Sen. and chairman of the Senate Education Committee Carl Marcellino, president of the Great Neck Teachers Association Sheila Henchy, and co-presidents of the United Parent-Teacher Council, Joanne Chan and Sarah Moss.

The discussion, she said, would focus on public education in the state and where it is headed in the future.

It will begin at 7:30 p.m. and is sponsored by the United Parent-Teacher Council and the Great Neck Teachers Association.


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