Board report: Munsey Park snow removal 1st rate

Munsey Park Trustee Jennifer Noone, right, gave the snow removal update at the Jan. 10 board meeting. With her are Deputy Mayor John Lippmann, center, who presided over the meeting, and Trustee Patrick Hance. (Photo by Samuel Glasser)

By Samuel Glasser

The Munsey Park village board had a single item on its agenda for the January meeting — a review of the snow removal during the recent storm.

The board covered a lot of material at the December meeting, mainly a long discussion regarding the possible subdivision of a lot at Munsey Place and Park Avenue, so the January calendar was light, said Village Clerk Tara Gibbons.

With Deputy Mayor John Lippmann presiding at the Jan. 10 meeting, Trustee Jennifer Noone reported that during the blizzard on Jan. 4, with snow falling at a rate of one inch per hour, the village mounted a 24-hour effort to keep the roads clear.

The board had high praise for the three village employees who kept the roads open.

The village utilitymen – Dan Breen, Larry Staiano and Bernie Dunn – did “an amazing” job, she said.

Each of the three handled a section of the village. Noone said that their priority was to initially keep the streets open and then on subsequent passes to go back and widen the thoroughfares.

She also noted that the Village Hall remained open all during the storm in case anyone needed emergency shelter.

It was also reported at the meeting that village will repave Hawthorne Place and the northern part of Eakins Road in the spring. Surveying will have to wait until the snow melts and then the village engineer will draw up a request for proposals. Inness Place was repaved in 2017.


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