Bruins prep for tournament


The Great Neck Bruins are gearing up for the annual end-of-the-year tournament at the Philadelphia Flyers’ Skate Zone Tournament.

After the emotional and physical grind of practices and playoff games, this will be a relaxing way to end the season.

The Squirt team is looking to finish on a high note.

These nine and 10 year olds have improved greatly since the start of the season.

The Peewee team is also planning on making a big splash in the tourney as well.

The Bantams and Midget Minors are hoping the recent playoff success for both teams will translate onto the ice against the stiff competition.

The Mite program is still in the building process and is always eager to expand the squad.

As one season is ending, another one is around the corner.

The Bruins are searching for boys and girls ages nine and younger that want to pursue playing the game of hockey.

This age group gets over two hours of ice time per week.

Usually, a typical regiment is one hour to sharpen and develop hockey skating skills.

The other hour is dedicated to playing games; keeping the experience instructional yet fun.


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