Cedarmere trails not open as advertised


Your Feb. 22 issue celebrates the planting of an historical marker at the site of Bryant’s home, Cedarmere, and states that “while the home is closed for renovation but visitors may still enjoy walking around the grounds during daylight.”

Simply not true.

I stopped by to try out some new camera equipment on Feb. 20 and found its trails impassable.  

Granted we have had super storms, meteors and sequestration, but this potentially beautiful public property should never have been let fall to this level.  Trees block access to both trails and open areas are covered in goose gifts and impassable mud.  

Upon entering and exiting the quaint parking area, circa 1950, my car bottomed out, at just 0.5 mph.

It’s main beauty, to me, is its natural state, perhaps unique in the county, and must be better maintained to stay hospitable to us. 


David Levin


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