Cheetahs beat POB 1-0


The NHP Cheetahs took on the second-place team, the POB Blast in a very hard fought and well deserved victory.

The NHP Cheetahs played a superior game of soccer as they marked each opponent closely, beating their opponents to the ball, intercepting passes and forcing the POB Blast out wide toward the sideline.

Rock-solid sweeper defense from Sabrina Rodriques, clearing the ball very quickly and switching the field of play.

Daniela O’Modie and Paulina Papadoniou on defense persistently fighting for control of the ball, not letting up and rapidly passing the ball up the field.

Channing Woo on the defense breaking up many attempts by POB Blast for a shot on goal.

Amazing goaltending by Irene Krische, blocking countless hard shots on goal and quickly gaining


tight possession of the ball.

Fancy footwork skills by both Kassidy Keefe and Kaitlyn Louie on the offense, dribbling around the POB defense taking many shots on goal.

Mid-field play dominated by Samantha Bravo with strong shots and great passes to the open space. Andrea Waldron and Kristina Horan with very nice trapping of the ball and self passes on the offense.

Solid mid-field play by Lauren Hessler as she hustled throughout and had nice quick throw-ins before the opponents were able to set up.

Beautiful free kicks and corners by Olivia Lappin.

Scoreless for most of the first half until the NHP Cheetahs set up for a corner kick by Olivia Lappin crossing a high ball in front of the net as defender O’Modie moves in, controls the ball with her left foot and quickly shoots a high lob ball directly over the POB goalie just below the crossbar.

Great goal Daniela!! Second half of play remained very exciting and very aggressive by both teams however the NHP Cheetahs were able to preserve their lead by not letting up plays and with great goaltending and come out on top with a 1-0 victory!.

Way To Go Team Cheetahs!! Thank You to All our Coaches, Mike, Gabe, Peter and Efi for all your hard work. Thank you to all our friends and family for supporting the NHP Cheetahs!

Missing in play, Julia Feldman.



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