Child Care Council to host ‘Stand for Children Day’


Child Care Council of Nassau and the Nassau County Association for the Education of Young Children are hosting their 16th annual Stand for Children Day on Friday, May 31.  The event will take place from 10 a.m. to noon at Eisenhower Park (adjacent to the children’s playground, parking lot 2).  

The annual Stand for Children Day commemorates the first Stand for Children rally in 1996 in Washington D.C., which attracted over 300,000 people at the Lincoln Memorial.  

Usually drawing more than 200 young children from child care programs across Nassau County, Stand for Children Day serves as a re-dedication to the issues surrounding the well-being and development of children, particularly those that address quality and affordable child care.

The event involves the presentation of the Margo O’Connor Advocate of the Year Award, an interactive children’s musical performance, and the traditional opportunity for the children to plant seedlings in the Children’s Garden.  

The planting of the seedlings serves as a re-confirmation of the community’s commitment to quality child care and early education.  Each year, many Nassau County public officials attend the event and are given the opportunity to speak, as well as assist the children in planting the seedlings.

This year’s Margo O’Connor Advocate of the Year Award will be presented to Rose Frazier, in honor of her forty years of child care service.  Frazier continues caring for children today; many of them being the grandkids of the children she formerly cared for.  

“I get so much pleasure out of seeing my former daycare children as adults, and it’s nice to know they still trust me to take care of their children,” Frazier said.  “Although I only have two biological children, I was blessed to help raise hundreds of others.”

Child Care Council of Nassau is private, not-for-profit organization based in Franklin Square.


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