Cops investigate car vandalism


Police are investigating acts of criminal mischief done to 14 automobiles and one residence in Mineola, East Hills and Roslyn Heights last weekend.

Police said the incidents took place between 9 p.m. Friday and 9 a.m. Saturday and are still looking for those involved.

Third Squad reported damages to the following vehicles and residence:

On Roselle Street in Mineola, the windshield of a 2002 Mercedes Benz was shattered, as was the windshield of a 2008 Honda and the rear window of a 2004 Hyundai. The driver’s side rear door and side mirror of a 2008 Toyota and a 2007 Volkswagen were also damaged

A 2000 Chevrolet on Arlington Street in Mineola incurred damages to the driver’s side mirror and windshield. 

On Westwood Circle in East Hills, the side view mirror on a 2008 Toyota and the outdoor light fixture to a residence was found to have been broken. 

In Roslyn Heights, the rear window and tail light of a 2011 BMW and side view mirror of a 2012 Jeep on Schoolhouse Lane were broken and a 2004 Mercedes Benz on Shadetree Lane had a broken windshield.

On Barnyard Lane in Roslyn Heights, a 2010 Honda had dents to the hood and front quarter panel as well as a broken windshield and side view mirror, a 2002 Mercedes Benz had a shattered windshield and damaged side view mirror and a 2011 Land Rover had a damaged side view mirror.

Also in Roslyn Heights, on Percheron Lane, a 2003 Honda had a damaged windshield.


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