Countywide reassessment has officially reached completion

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran

As of Wednesday morning, all Nassau County property owners could view their tentative tax assessments online.

Notices will also be mailed to residents on Jan. 31.

These values reflect adjustments made during the 60-day review period when taxpayers were given the opportunity to challenge a home’s assessed value that was listed on the tax impact notice they received in November.

According to a news release from the county executive’s office, more than 85,000 county residents will see a reduction in their new notices.

The review period began Nov. 1 when the original tax notices were mailed and concluded with the issuing of the assessment roll on Wednesday.

Some 20,000 of the decreases were due to vacant land and “65,000 were a result of various adjustment factors including neighborhood, section, block, topography, inventory adjustments and other taxpayer inputs.”

The release states that “systemwide changes were made for properties with brick facades and fireplaces.”

During the 60-day review period, the number of Enhanced STAR applications for senior citizens nearly doubled and “new senior citizen applications increased by 45 percent.”

In Nassau County, senior citizens who have an income of less than $29,000 per year are eligible for a 50 percent reduction in their property taxes for the county, town and school district, excluding special districts.

The Enhanced STAR program gives a school tax break to qualifying seniors who make less than the maximum income set by the county. For the 2019-20 tax year, the county determined that seniors must have received an income of less than $86,300 in 2017 to qualify for the program.  The school taxes of those approved are based on the first $68,700 of the full value of their home.

The release states that during the review period, the county’s assessment personnel “met with over 13,500 property owners one-on-one at four satellite locations and at the Department of Assessment in Mineola,” as well as communicating with 1,167 taxpayers by email.

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran said in a statement that “over the past two months, we listened to all of our property owners’ concerns and appreciated every bit of feedback we received, as it helped our experts generate an accurate assessment roll that we are confident we can defend.”

Nassau County Assessor David Moog swore an oath on Wednesday morning verifying the tentative assessment roll at the Department of Assessment.

Now that the assessment roll is posted, property owners can begin to file grievances challenging their assessed values.

If everything goes as expected, according to the release, the tentative assessment roll period will end in April 2020 when the county plans to issue the final roll.


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