Critics distort library bond


For some it’s easier to distort the truth than to tell the truth.

If the self appointed “Watchdog” group can’t distinguish fact from fiction, then why should anyone rely on what they tell us.

In a recent ad, Watchdog claims “Great Neck deserves to keep its Main Library open while being repaired.”

Yet, this same group claims to support a “Plan A”, which would include replacing the whole HVAC system, work on a new roof, replacing all the plumbing, gutting the entire interior, replacing the interior with new furniture, new fixtures, new everything and redesigning the interior.

Okay,does this group really think the Main Library can remain open during these extensive repairs and if necessary, where does the Watchdog group plan the Main Library to be operating during the construction period.

Perhaps they have decided the Main Library should be closed during the repairs, with no alternative or relocation plan.

One of the leaders of the “Watchdog” group claims the “Upgrading which could be done piecemeal in order to have a short closure or no closure at all,” is this another example of distorting the facts. Wanting to have it anyway but the truth, is she kidding? Who’s she fooling?

Where have these self appointed watchdog people been over the years regarding the “pond,” which is not on library property and is owned and maintained by Nassau County.

As a result of intensive effect on the part of our current Nassau County legislator, the county has agreed to start cleanup in the foreseeable future of Udall’s Mill Pond. The so called “beautiful pond” is a large catch basin for street water runoff before it drains into Little Neck Bay.

Udall’s Mill Pond has not been dredged in over 40 years. During those years, Udall’s Pond, which is the ultimate repository for every drop of water that runs through the drainage system for the northern portion of the peninsula, has been filled with silt, sand and contaminants. The depth of the pond has been reduced to 1.5 feet in many areas. It has been choked with runoff and in spite of that, has served various functions for our community; that of floodwater control, a wildlife habitat and an aesthetic oasis.

Where have these watchdogs been for 40 years?

Distortions, distortions, certainly easier then the truth. Establishing a “young adults” section is distorted by the Watchdog group and is made to appear to be something else and negative in its application.

Why would one of the leaders of the Watchdog group need to distort the fact that the Great Neck Library population is in excess of 43,000 and not 9,989 as claimed by this leader of wrong information.

Both Mr. Rutta and Ms. Adler have served as library trustees. Neither distinguished themselves and neither put forth any programs while they served to help maintain the library’s infrastructure, let alone put forth necessary programs for upgrades to library services. To suggest that the library move some of their operations to rented branch sites only distracts from the need to move forward with renovation and passage of the bond referendum.

The current board of trustees has put forth a plan for renovation and has executed it to the point of bringing this plan for the first time before the voters as a “bond referendum.” Renovation has been discussed for years, yet this is the first board that has been able to bring it to a vote before the residents.

Any renovation plan of the finance magnitude discussed will require bonding (including Plan A) and therefore voter approval and can impact future taxes.

Remember the Library renovation is part of our future.

Vote yes on Oct. 25 for the future of Great Neck.

Charles Schneider

Great Neck



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