David Brackett re-elected to Port Washington Water District

David Brackett has been re-elected to his ninth term with the Port Washington Water District's Board of Commissioners. (Photo courtesy of David Brackett)

David Brackett was re-elected on Tuesday to serve a ninth three-year term on the Port Washington Water District Board of Commissioners.

He received 431 votes, and his opponent Peter Whitcomb, a former water plant operator for the water district, received 330.

There were four blank ballots and one write-in vote.

While Brackett has served as a commissioner, the district has became a leader on Long Island on water conservation methods and ideas, and has been described by the state as a model for other water districts, Brackett said in a past interview.

Whitcomb said in a previous interview that he did not run for the position because he had any qualms over the way the district is being operated, but wanted to stay involved with the place he worked for 14 years.

Brackett is an advocate for water conservation and said he believes it is the main tool to combat a number of water issues.

He said it is key to fighting saltwater intrusion, which typically occurs when pressure on the freshwater side is diminished.

Saltwater intrusion is considered by many as a threat to Port Washington and has been integral to arguments against development.

Brackett said the most recent idea that he has implemented is requiring smart irrigation controls on all new sprinklers. These controls are connected to wi-fi, which then connects to the weather station at La Guardia Airport. If it were to rain above a certain amount, the sprinklers will not turn on that day.

Brackett has also been working to update water infrastructure in Port Washington.

When making updates, he said he asks himself “is it something that I would want to live next door to,” and tries to affect the nearby residents as little as possible with construction and have the water infrastructure look as appealing as it can.

Most recently, the district replaced a water tank on Beacon Hill which he says is now a “beautiful piece of property.”

Port’s water district is now looking into updating water infrastructure in the Soundview neighborhood.


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